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Canopy Swing | Wooden Outdoor Canopy Swing

Updated on September 6, 2011

Wooden Canopy Swing

Rustic canopy swing with drink holder and table
Rustic canopy swing with drink holder and table

Relaxing in a Canopy Swing

Sometimes it just feels so good to sit outside and feel a nice cool breeze on a warm, sunny day. But now with summer coming soon, you and I both know it's about to get good and hot. That still doesn't really mean that you'll need to cut out your outdoor enjoyment though just because of that intense summer sun or even morning showers. The only real problem with finding a cool, good place to park your behind is actually finding a cool, good place to park it. Even though we have one, it's kind of cheap so here's my wishlist for our next awesome canopy swing.

Benefits of canopy swings:

  1. Easily escape to some comforting shade on a sunny day
  2. Sit outside during a light rain shower and enjoy it.
  3. Enjoy the day even though it's hot outside.
  4. An outdoor canopy swing is portable, pick your favorite spot in the yard.
  5. The canopy will keep the swing semi-clean.
  6. Good conversation with someone else in a multi-seater

My Outdoor Canopy Swing Criteria:

Here's what I'll be looking for in our next canopy swing:

  • Solid wood construction. The pipes are fine, but I just like the look of wood. I think they last longer and are more durable and won't rust.
  • It's got to be comfortable. Something with some nice, thick cushions that won't fade very easily and can withstand the elements.
  • If it will adjust into a bed, even better. Only thing better than sitting down outside and swinging in the breeze is laying down and swinging in the breeze. Some of the best naps I've ever had!
  • Has to be big enough to seat 2-3 people comfortably.
  • If it has a table-piece, that would definitely be a plus. Although for it to recline to a bed position it would have to be removable.
  • If it has wheels for ease of portability then great, if not, no big deal as I probably won't be moving it around that much.

Well, that's it for my criteria, now off to the possibilities for that perfect outdoor canopy swing:

Rustic Canopy Swing | Canopy Swing With Table in the Middle
Rustic Canopy Swing | Canopy Swing With Table in the Middle

Tete-a-Tete Rustic Outdoor: Canopy Swing With Table in the Middle

A Tete-a-Tete canopy swing would be nice as we get a little older. It'll give the wife and I a place to just sit and relax and talk a spell. I like this one as it's made out of solid wood. Problem is, it's heavy, almost 150 pounds for the frame and swing and another 20 for the canopy and hardware. The upside is, it's heavy so it won't easily blow over and get damaged. Another feature that I do like with this one is that it has a little table in the middle with built in cup holders. Now that's a treat. Criteria not met:

  • It's all wood, but no cushions - have to buy those separately.
  • The canopy and swing are sold separately.
  • It doesn't fold out so you couldn't also lay down it in the middle of the day for a power nap.
  • This one's expensive, I've seen them around the internet anywhere from $450 to $700, and that's without the extra $250 for the canopy.

Other than that, this could make a very good choice for setting out by the old oak tree.

Outdoor Canopy Swing
Outdoor Canopy Swing

Jack-Post Barrington Collection Canopy Swing

This ones looking really good as well. Again, it's all wood which I like. The better thing about this porch swing with canopy compared to the one above is that the a-frame is lower and out of your site line. The one up top looks like if you were to look to the side the support bar would be almost right at your eye-level versus the one on this one that has it nearer to the bottom. It looks really sturdy as well. Now on to the criteria that's not met:

  • Again it's a little more expensive (kind of finding a pattern here with these outdoor canopy swings) as the frame alone is almost $600 (includes canopy), and it doesn't come with the swing, that's sold separately.
  • No cushions - but looks like something that could be bought and installed
  • Doesn't lay back into a "bed" position, but would still be able to lay on it if a single bench swing is purchased.

Even though I'm really fond of the rustic looking swing above, this one might prove to be a better choice for me personally.

Hatteras Double Swing
Hatteras Double Swing

Hatteras Cushioned Double Swing

Now I really like this one. Again, it's a solid wood swing. The cushions are both stain-resistant and mildew-resistant, perfect for a long duration in the outdoors. The cushion looks to be pillowed-up to make it even more comfortable. I love all the arches to it, kind of gives it that feng shui appeal of design. looks like the only straight pieces of wood are the frame supports. Even the swing is all curvy. Looks mighty comfortable if you ask me. Now on to what I don't like about this canopy swing:

  • Seems to be more of a hammock type than a swing. Guess it's because it's made by Hatteras and they've made a name for themselves in hammocks! Yeah it's still a swing but looks like you'd be at an inclined position most of the time.
  • After searching around some more, pieces sold separately and if you were to get both the frame and the swing it'll run you around a $1000 total. Maybe a little more than I'd want to spend.
  • Always in the same position, no lifting it up or down.

Even though this one may be a little more than I'd like to spend and doesn't quite foot the entire bill that I'm looking for, it's definitely in the top 3 canopy swings for me.

Tortuga Cay Canopy Swing
Tortuga Cay Canopy Swing

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Tortuga Cay Canopy Swing

Aye, Captain Sparrow. This one makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean and sitting alongside Captain Jack Sparrow for a spot of afternoon rum. I like the fact that this one comes with a tilting canopy so it's adjustable at any time no matter where the sun may be beating down on you from. Plus it's got a wide base for added stability. Also, it's not that expensive in that you can pick one up for a little under $200, I found that one online, but you'd probably get something similar from a local super store or home store. Now to what it doesn't have:

  • It's light, only 50 something pounds. Compared to the wood, this one would probably tip easier in heavier winds.
  • The cushions don't look as comfortable as some of the other ones
  • Single position, still won't lay flat. Could probably still take a nap on it, but sometimes I like to be able to stretch out some.
  • No table or detachable one.

All-in-all, for the price I don't think you can beat it. Just something that probably won't last season after season in the outdoor climate, but could get a couple years of good use out of it.

U-Bild 818 Canopy Glider Swing Project Plan
U-Bild 818 Canopy Glider Swing Project Plan

This could definitely be an option for me and the misses, just I'll have to get off my duff and follow the plans and get it done. A bit different from the criteria that I set out with but could definitely sway me.


How To Build A Canopy Glider Swing Plans

Well as part of my research for finding the perfect canopy swing I did think about just building one myself. So I did a quick search around but really didn't come up with much in the aspects I was looking for, but from having a peek around at all the different ones out there and the features I want incorporated within the swing, I figured I could come up with those myself "if needed". I can be a little resourceful at times like that. But I did stumble across one that really kind of caught my eye.

Although it's not a canopy swing per se, it's a glider. I didn't even really know this type was available and was really news to me. This is more like a rocking adirondack chair with it's own built in picnic table. GENIUS! If you're handy, you could almost have a little backyard party with one of these once built. Having two bench seats with drink holders and it seems like a perfect plan for the do-it-yourself type, even first-timers, as most of the cuts are straight and the curves that are cut come with full-size patterns to follow.

The Positives:

  • Comes with step by step detailed instructions with photo's
  • Comes with full-size traceable patterns
  • Comes with construction diagrams
  • Comes with a complete shopping list & cutting schedule so you'll know everything you'll need up front and when you'll need to cut everything.

The Negatives:

  • You've got to build this one yourself

Leave me some suggestions for a canopy swing

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