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Capresso C1300 Espresso Machine

Updated on January 26, 2010

The Capresso C1300 super automatic espresso machine delivers a combination of favorite user features and euro-style good looks. The blue LCD display, offset by the sleek silver and black housing, is the focal point of this machine. The display clearly spells out everything from brewing and menu options to cleaning and maintenance notifications. Capable of brewing up to 15 oz of coffee at a time, the C1300 has a professional conical burr grinder with 6 grind fineness options, a by-pass doser, and ground coffee dosing from 5 to 16 grams. This Capresso super automatic also features a two-position stainless steel frothing wand, and height-adjustable dual spout dispensing system, which sits over a stainless steel drip tray cover. To simplify the maintenance process, Capresso has included the Claris water filtration system and comes with preset rinse, cleaning, and descaling cycles.

Capresso C1300 Espresso Machine Advanced Controls

Almost all of the controls for the brewing, steaming, and programming options are on the sleek silver knobs on the front of the C1300. Running the length of the left side of the machine is the 10-ounce bean hopper. Molded into the right side of the machine is the 64 oz reservoir, with a lid that lifts up and acts as a handle for easy removal and refilling. Between the lids for the hopper and reservoir sit the by-pass doser and passive aluminum cup warmer. Smartly wrapped in lustrous silver and black ABS plastic, the front mounted drip tray blends the colors with its black front and stainless steel grate. Each Capresso C1300 is protected by a 1-year warranty (for home use), and comes with a Claris water filter, a 7g coffee scoop, and cleaning tablets and is available with a silver front and black body.

Getting Familiar With The Capresso C1300 Espresso Machine

The majority of the user controls, as well as the LCD display, are located on the left front side of the machine. The two knobs directly below the LCD screen are used to select the amount and strength of the espresso you're brewing. The cup selection dial on the left lets you choose between 1 cup at regular strength, 1 cup strong, 1 cup extra strong, 2 cups at regular strength, 1 cup using pre-ground coffee, or 2 cups using pre-ground. The center of this knob also functions as the brewing button. Using the right dial - the liquid volume dial - you can select the liquid volume of coffee that will be dispensed from 1 to 7.5 oz in half oz intervals. Options for both knobs appear on the LCD screen as you cycle through them. If you have chosen a 2-cup volume with the cup selection knob, the C1300 will dispense double the volume you have selected with the liquid volume dial.

Capresso C1300 Espresso Machine Special Steam Knob

Located on the right front side of the machine, opposite the brewing dials, is the steam knob, which sits directly above the frothing wand. The center selection on this knob, shown with a "0", is where the knob rests during brewing. Turning the knob clockwise to the steam icon will begin heating the machine to brew temperature, whereas turning it counterclockwise will immediately cause the wand to dispense hot water.

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