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Capresso C1300 Espresso Machine, Part III

Updated on January 26, 2010

Topping It Off: Frothing & Steaming On Your Capresso C1300 Espresso Machine

The steam wand is constructed of stainless steel and features a rubber tip. To begin frothing or steaming, you will first need to turn the steam knob clockwise from the brewing to steaming position. After about 20 seconds, the LCD display will indicate that you can begin frothing. Simply place the steam wand into your full frothing pitcher and push the button on the center of the left brewing knob to release the steam. If you would like to froth your milk, the tip of the steam wand should be in the up position. To steam, the tip needs to be in the down position. When you have finished, you only need to turn the steam knob back to "0" to stop the steam from being dispensed. This wand can also be used to dispense hot water to create an americano, or to make tea, instant hot chocolate, or oatmeal. Just place your cup under the steam wand and turn the steam knob to the hot water position, and a stream of hot water will be dispensed immediately. To stop the hot water, turn the steam knob back to "0".

Capresso C1300 Espresso Machine Has Automatic Shut Down

The Capresso C1300 can be programmed to shut off between 1 and 5 hours after use. The machine comes factory preset to power down after 2 hours, but this can be easily adjusted using the programming knob. You can also turn the machine off manually using the on/off switch.

Capresso C1300 Espresso Machine Water Filtration

The Claris Water Filtration System eliminates the need for decalcification. After about 50 liters of water have moved through the machine, LCD screen display a message indicating that the Claris cartridge needs to be changed. However, the Claris system is an optional feature - if you choose not to use it, the LCD display will show a decalcification message instead. The C1300 will also notify you when cleaning cycles need to be run (every 200 coffees) and when to empty the dump box (every 10-15 drinks, depending on dosage). Both the cleaning and descaling cycles can be initiated by adding the correct product for the cycle (Durgol for descaling and Jura Cleaning tabs for the cleaning cycle), turning the programming knob to the correct selection, and pressing the button in the center of that knob.

Care and Maintenance On The Capresso C1300 Espresso Machine

There is also some minor daily maintenance that you will have to perform. To keep the steam wand free of old milk, after every use you will want to point it toward the drip tray and reopen the steam valve to expel anything that may be inside. After frothing or steaming, you should also wipe the outside of it with a damp cloth to remove whatever milk remains. The drip tray should also be emptied on almost a daily basis, depending on how much you're using the machine. By all means never leave liquids overnight in the drip tray as the milk will mold up and create a serious hygiene problem. If this ever occurs, first clean with hot soapy water, then dip in a solution of 5 parts water to 1 part household bleach.

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