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Capresso CoffeeTEC Coffee Maker

Updated on January 26, 2010

The Capresso CoffeeTec is a reliable 10-cup drip coffeemaker that offers, as an added feature, an auto cappuccino system. Made of a matte plastic, it features a stainless steel thermal carafe and an assortment of plastic and rubber attachments for frothing and steaming. The coffee maker can be programmed to brew up to 24 hours in advance and has brewing adjustments for brewing 3-5 cup pots. It also has a 20 second Brew Pause to let you pour a cup before it is finished brewing and a 2-hour auto-shutoff. The patented FrothExpress Cappuccino System is built into the machine to steam and froth milk. It is available in black and white.

Capresso CoffeeTEC Coffee Maker Controls                            
Don't let the control system for the Capresso CoffeeTec throw you. At first glance it may seem a bit complex. There are 5 signal lights to indicate brew status on the control panel, which is located on the upper right side of the machine. It is easy enough to adjust settings for the amount of coffee, however, the clock/timer uses a combination dial and push button unit that's different from conventional controls. For some settings, you have to depress a button, and then turn the knob on which the button rests. Once you have run through this sequence a few times, it becomes second nature, but the combination of pressing and turning in tandem will be a new experience for most users.

The frother system is fairly simple in comparison. To switch from brewing to steaming, you simply turn a single dial. Once assembled, this attachment will allow you to control the proportion of steamed to frothed milk by turning the dial. The key to using the auto frother is understanding how to identify and connect all the components; there are many small plastic parts. It's helpful to read the instructions carefully, watch the video that is included with the Capresso CoffeeTec, and double check for tightness and proper position when tightening the connectors, nozzles and tubes.

Capresso CoffeeTEC Coffee Maker Performance

For many, performance of the Capresso CoffeeTec will depend on experience and familiarity with the parts and their functions. The Capresso CoffeeTec brews a full pot in under 8 minutes, and smaller amounts in considerably shorter periods. There is no need to worry that the coffee making abilities of this machine are compromised by the addition of the frothing system.

Capresso CoffeeTEC Coffee Maker Auto Frothing

The performance of the auto-frothing system is a more complex story. The tubes and valves are, by necessity, compact to accommodate home use. Many of the connecting parts and tubes are very small; it takes some time to develop the "touch" to get a feel for when they have snapped into proper position. A slight turn of a knob, or a valve that is not fully inserted will prevent the machine from operating properly. A slight twist one way or the other is the difference between the steam for your milk and the noisy choking sound of a blocked tube. Once properly connected, the auto frother produces a steady flow of steamed or frothed milk. You can easily change the proportion of steamed to frothed milk by turning the valve next to the milk container. Overall, the performance of the Capresso CoffeeTec is above average.

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