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Capresso CoffeeTEC Coffee Maker, Part II

Updated on January 26, 2010

Capresso CoffeeTEC Coffee Maker Construction

The Capresso CoffeeTec is made of a matte finish plastic, with metal plated knobs, and brushed stainless steel accents. Parts for the auto-frothing system are constructed of brushed and translucent plastic. Seeing these parts for the first time may call to mind the experience of assembling children's toys. No tools are necessary, and the instructions clearly label the parts. But the parts are small, and it is imperative that they fit tightly when connected to each other. The reservoir is very solid while the milk container and its lid are thinner. Cleaning these parts is imperative, especially the rather small tubes and connectors through which steamed milk will pass. You can keep these pieces clean by disassembling them and running them under warm water.

Capresso CoffeeTEC Coffee Maker Carafe

The Capresso CoffeeTec's carafe has some small design touches that make it easier to avoid spills. A dot on the lid indicates whether the lid is open for pouring or closed for brewing. The instructions dictate that the lid must be on the carafe in the closed position in order to activate brewing. When closed, the brushed stainless steel carafe keeps coffee hot for up to 4 hours. The spout of the carafe is wide but sufficiently pointed so that you should be able to pour without drips.

Hot Plate

There is no warming plate needed for the Capresso CoffeeTec's stainless steel thermal carafe. The carafe rests on an unheated plastic base that is easy to clean. The cappuccino side has a small circular drip tray as a base on which to place a cup. It is easy to remove and simple to clean.


The reservoir for the Capresso CoffeeTec is very unique, and its design greatly simplifies the process of making cappuccino and other drinks. The removable reservoir is made of translucent plastic and has a handle for easy carrying. It is located on the back, but is visible on the right side of the machine. This is where the fluid level indicator lines appear. The frothing system pulls water from a recessed portion of the reservoir, so the indicator marks are skewed to reflect this additional space. Having this extra room in the reservoir enables you to begin frothing or steaming almost immediately after brewing and, by only filling this area, also allows you to use this function without brewing.

Capresso CoffeeTEC Coffee Maker Water Filtration

The CoffeeTec does not have a charcoal filter or other water filtration system. Using filtered water is recommended. It will help to keep the inside of the machine clean as well as improving the taste of the coffee.

Capresso CoffeeTEC Coffee Maker Coffee Filter

The filter for the Capresso CoffeeTec has one very unusual feature: a safety button that prevents the filter from swinging out at inopportune moments. Given the infrequency of a filter coming loose, the best aspect of this feature is the simplicity of the release when you go to discard the used grounds. You won't get your fingers anywhere near a warm or wet surface. The machine comes with a goldtone filter, but you can also use a #4 paper cone filter.


The Capresso CoffeeTec comes with an 8-minute instructional video, a measuring scoop, and a goldtone filter.

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