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Capresso CoffeeTeam Luxe Coffee Maker, Part II

Updated on January 26, 2010

Capresso CoffeeTeam Luxe Coffee Maker Construction

Because the ground coffee needs to completely fill the feeder channel, the first time grinding will yield a little less ground coffee. After that, grinding should give you the proper amount. The long channel also means cleaning will be a regular event. It performs well, but the cleaning aspect does detract from the overall experience of this particular Capresso coffee maker. Given all the functions the Capresso Team Luxe performs, the unit is very compact. Still, with a minimum height of 15 inches, it may not fit under some kitchen cabinets as opening the lid to the reservoir adds another inch or so to the overall height. It's made of an easy to clean, durable plastic.

Capresso CoffeeTeam Luxe Coffee Maker Carafe

The glass carafe is basic but performs well. It has a plastic handle that is easy to grip. The vented plastic top fits snugly and has a lip on the spout designed to make pouring easy. It holds 10 cups or 50 ounces.

Hot Plate             
The Capresso Coffee Team Luxe has a coated, non-stick warming plate. It is easy to clean.

The 50- ounce reservoir is unique in that it can be removed for easy filling. Indentations along the reservoir's interior sidewall quickly and accurately indicate water levels at a glance.

Burr Grinder

It has a conical Swiss stainless steel burr grinder. As with any grinder, cleaning is a must. A helpful VHS video is included to familiarize you with parts, operation and maintenance.

Capresso CoffeeTeam Luxe Coffee Maker Water Filtration

Because tap water contains minerals and chemicals, many machines like the Capresso Coffee Team Luxe now include a charcoal filtration system. Capresso states that their filter eliminates up to 82% of impurities. The filter is smaller but plumper than the size of a tea bag. It fits in a plastic holder, which is inserted into a well at the bottom of the water reservoir. It takes a bit of a jiggle to line it up precisely the first time, but it fits snugly. You should change the filter in this Capresso coffee maker after 60 uses. To remind you, the control panel has a green indicator light to notify you when the filter should be replaced.

Coffee Filter

A permanent Gold Tone filter is included with the Capresso Coffee Team Luxe.


A coffee scoop is included with the Capresso Coffee Team Luxe. Re-order information for the charcoal filter is enclosed as well. The written instructions are supplemented by a comprehensive and informative12 minute demonstration video with instructions.

A Great Variant: The Capresso Espresso Classic Luxe

The Capresso Espresso Classic Luxe features a stainless steel ThermoBlock heating element and 18-bar pump. In combination with the pressurized portafilter handle, a good espresso is never difficult to achieve. The art nouveau design is reflective of the highly successful Espresso Pro machine. Differentiating the two machines is the frothing attachments. The Espresso Classic Luxe utilizes Capresso's patented dual-action steam wand and best of all there is no purging necessary after frothing. The separate high speed water setting extends the flexibility of this machine, allowing the creation of Americano's, tea, hot cocoa , and more in just 30 seconds. Includes two filter baskets (one & two shot) and a pod filter basket.

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