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Capresso Elegance Therm Coffee Maker

Updated on January 26, 2010

The Capresso Elegance Therm is created around the premise that if aroma and heat are trapped when brewing, the resulting coffee stays fresher longer. This machine brews coffee straight into a glass vacuum lined 8-cup carafe that is double insulated. This direct flow virtually eliminates the exposure to air, preserving heat and flavor. Even better, the removable reservoir lets you to fill the machine without removing the thermal carafe, preventing it from cooling off before brewing the coffee. You can program the coffeemaker to have a freshly brewed pot waiting in the morning for you, and it offers a "Stop 'n Serve" feature to pour a cup in mid brew.

Capresso Elegance Therm Coffee Maker Controls

Programming the Capresso Elegance Therm is simple. The coffee maker has a digital clock/timer with an LCD display that can be set to brew up to 24 hours in advance, so you can wake up to coffee the next day. Controls are located on the front of the machine and are legible enough so that they are easy to read and use. The "Stop 'n Serve" feature will allow you to pause brewing for up to 20 seconds so that you can pour a cup while you wait for the rest of the pot to brew. For extra safety, the Capresso Elegance Therm also has an automatic shut off system to power down the machine immediately after brewing.

Capresso Elegance Therm Coffee Maker Performance

The well thought out design of this machine is evident all the way down to its instruction manual. Minimizing coffee's exposure to air during brewing helps to create a flavorful cup of coffee that is maintained for hours by using the thermal carafe. It's quiet brewing cycle and easy programmability make brewing with the Elegance Therm simple and enjoyable. In addition, Capresso thoughtfully created the instruction manual with a fold out diagram, allowing you to view the drawing of the machine from every other page of the booklet. The combination of these elements causes the Elegance Therm to rate above average.

Capresso Elegance Therm Coffee Maker Construction      
The machine is designed to provide easy access to all of its parts. While compact, the Capresso Elegance Therm does require some extra horizontal space when you open its filter basket, which swings forward approximately 5 - 6 inches. The Capresso Elegance Therm also features a cord storage area. It has a durable polished plastic construction and, if silver is selected, a brushed metal filter basket.

The carafe is the centerpiece of the Capresso Elegance Therm. Coffee brews directly into the carafe; it is never exposed to air until you pour it into your cup. Constructed of polished plastic, the carafe seals tightly to keep brewed coffee hot for up to 4 hours. It has a large handle for an easy grip and the spout is well designed to prevent drips. Double insulated and glass vacuum lined, the carafe holds 8 cups of coffee or 40 ounces.

Hot Plate       
Due to the thermal carafe, the Elegance Therm does not use a heated plate.

A removable 40-ounce water reservoir is one of the innovative features of the Capresso Elegance Therm. The reservoir can be completely removed from the unit and filled at the sink or bottled water can be poured in directly. The removable reservoir helps you avoid cooling the interior of the carafe before brewing.

Water Filtration           
The Capresso Elegance Therm uses a charcoal water filtration system that eliminates up to 82% of chlorine and other minerals. Replacing the filter, which is slightly smaller but plumper than a teabag, requires removing the filtration container and twisting a small cradle at the bottom where the filter rests. The water filtration unit has a handle for easy removal. Capresso includes a calendar to use as a reminder to change the filter.

Coffee Filter              
The Capresso Elegance Therm includes a standard goldtone coffee filter. It can also accommodate standard #4 paper filters.

Capresso includes a standard gold tone filter as well as a charcoal water filter. Filter re-order information is also included.


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