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Carbon Monoxide Meter

Updated on November 30, 2011
Portable carbon monoxide meter that scans other gases.
Portable carbon monoxide meter that scans other gases. | Source

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

If someone left the stove gas on, you would be able to smell it and do something about it ...but what about harmful gases that cannot be noticed? Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and very dangerous gas. Any house without a Carbon monoxide meter puts all of the residents at risk.

Just like you'd equip a house with a smoke detector, you should have a carbon monoxide meter; if the house is in danger, a high pitched screech will go off to wake just about anyone up.

Where should I place a carbon monoxide meter?

Carbon monoxide levels tend to be the highest anywhere there are big appliances around. The kitchen, garage, and the laundry room (if you use machines) are possible places. Try to place in a central area to all of these locations. If you have a large estate, you might need more than one carbon monoxide meter.

Although you should put it in a central area, you should try not to put it on the ground floor unless you have to. Carbon monoxide is lighter than air and rises up. Most people would put it on the ceiling of the ground floor (which is practically the second floor) next to the smoke detector.

Do not place it near any humid rooms. So even though the laundry room might have machinese, do not put the monitor within it. Put it in a room relatively close by, if needed, but remember that the carbon monoxide meter will not handle humidity well and may sound off false alarms so do keep some distance.

 Heavy sleepers may need a carbon monoxide meter near their bedroom. If levels rise at night, people need to be woken up! Staying asleep is guaranteed asphyxiation - and therefore death.

As you can tell, there are a lot of factors to think about when it comes to placing your carbon monoxide meter. What works for one family may not be ideal for another so be sure to think it through and don't be afraid to get extra meters if you're worried.

What do I do if my carbon monoxide meter goes off?

  • Relax, don't panic.
  • You and others should team up to open easily accessible windows and doors
  • Locate any and all gas valves and turn them off
  • Call the fire department
  • Evacuate the premises (go outside until the fire department arrives)


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