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Carbon Water Purifiers

Updated on October 28, 2012
Carbon filters remove chlorine and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from water.
Carbon filters remove chlorine and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from water.

What is a Carbon Water Filter?

Carbon water filters use blocks of activated carbon to remove chlorine, sediment, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the water. Some models are counter top while others are under counter filters. These filters can vary in efficiency from .5 to 50 microns in the particle size they are able to remove. Flow rate can also affect the efficiency of the filter. When the water passes through the carbon slower, the carbon has more time to filter impurities in the water.

Carbon Point of Use Water Filters

Carbon filters are point of use filters. This means that they are designed to provide additional purification of the water for drinking purposes after the water has been filtered for general house use. Carbon point of use filters are popular for getting rid of common chemicals in the water like chlorine. Sometimes they are used as the final filtration step before drinking the water. At other times, they are just another step in the filtration process for getting good pure drinking water. You can buy straight carbon filters. You can also get more complex point of use water purifiers that use carbon filtration as part of the process. In some cases, they are counter top systems and at other times they are under counter systems.

A List of Great Watts Premier Carbon Water Filters

  • Watts Premier WP-1 LCV 500309 Under Counter Carbon Block Filter
  • Watts Premier WP-2 LCV 500313 2 Stage Under Counter Carbon Filter System
  • Watts Premier CT-1 500315 Countertop Carbon Water Filter

Best Use of Carbon Filters

The best way to use carbon block filters for water purification is to use them to remove chlorine from the water before running the water through a water ionizer. Good drinking water is defined by the qualities of glacier water (see our hub: ) so you want to run the water through a water ionizer to develop those properties in the water. But you also want to be rid of chlorine, sediment, and cysts that you often find in the water. This justifies the use of a carbon filter as a pre-filter in many situations.

Carbon filters, like all water filters, are tools to be used in certain situations. It is important to know and understand the specifics of your water quality concerns before buying a carbon water filter you may or may not need. But also feel confident that carbon filtration systems are excellent at what they do and can be great tools in certain situations.


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