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Geraniums Keep Pests Away

Updated on November 6, 2009

How They Deter Bugs

Geraniums are a perennial flower known to repel insects and are a great addition to any garden from the time they bloom in the spring until the fall frost arrives.

Geraniums defer insects due to the oils secreted—one of which is citronella. Citronella is oil widely used in bug repellants and candles made to drive away insects. The effect works similarly in geraniums.

The plant belonging to the genus pelargonium is most known to discourage mosquitoes, Japanese beetles, cabbage worms, rose chaffers, and leafhoppers.

Geraniums deter bugs from social areas and repel insects from other plants. Place them in planters on window seals or pots around a porch to keep bugs at bay. In addition, they can be planted in flower beds and vegetable gardens to fend off insects from other plants such as roses, grapes, corn, and cabbage.

There are a variety of geraniums to choose from including zonal, fancy-leaved, regal, stellar, and scented. Zonal, fancy-leaved, and regal thrive in pots in sun-filled areas.

If optimizing the repellant agent for other plants, stellar and scented geraniums are a good choice because these plants do not grow as tall and need less sunlight than other geraniums.


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