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Caring for your Leather Products

Updated on January 28, 2015

If you want to make your leather products last a lifetime take the proper steps to care of them the right way. That little extra time you invest caring for your leather products is all it takes and will greatly improve not only its life span but its overall quality and beauty. Of course there are a lot of products on the market for cleaning and protecting leather, some great and some not so. Do your researches to find the product that will satisfy your needs for the type of leather you have.

Caring for your leather:

You will want to make your leather water resistant. You can use one of the many leather protectors or waterproofing products but read them carefully before you purchase it so you make the right choice for your leather.

A silicone polymer spray or an acrylic copolymer is going to preserve the leathers appearance. A wax or grease based product will give more protection, but is not recommended for use on leather garments such as jackets because of its possible effect on the color, shine or smell.

Be aware of how long the protection lasts, once every few weeks or months is a common time frame. Using a leather protector will not make your leather fully waterproof, so be careful in the rain and do not immerse the leather in water.

When the leather starts to feel dry or stiff, it’s time to apply a leather product. When you rub a leather conditioner into the leather it will restore oil to the leather preventing it from drying and cracking.

Products that have silicon or wax in them, while cheaper, can have a tendency to dry out the leather so use them sparingly. Avoid products with mineral oil or petroleum which can damage leather.

You can occasionally polish leather jackets, it will bring out a shine but it can discolor the surface. Always test in a hidden location to see how it reacts on your jacket. If there is a fuzzy type finish on the leather, such as suede, do not try to polish it because you may just remove the texture. It’s best to clean suede with a suede brush.

If your leather gets wet let it air dry at room temperature. Keep it away from any heat source such as heaters. After the leather dries out completely apply a conditioner.

Leather Honey

If you are truly looking for a great product for leather care, one of the best leather conditioners is Leather Honey. This formula was developed in 1968 and is still hand bottled by the original family. Leather Honey is formulated to rejuvenate old or worn leather and protect it. It penetrates deep into the leather enhancing its durability and flexibility. Leather Honey is non-toxic and is rain and snow repellent.

In addition, Leather Honey can be used on furniture, apparel, baseball gloves, automotive seats, Saddles and more. A single application can last up to six months or longer. This alone will reduce your time maintaining the quality of your leather products.


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