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Carpet Adhesive Removal From Floor

Updated on October 22, 2011

Having carpets at your home covering your floor is outdated and out of fashion now. Vinyl tiled, marbled or wooden floors are in these days. So many people found themselves lucky when they come to know that they have a wooden floor underneath their old carpets.

Every other person now a days is found to be removing carpet from their places. It is easy to remove carpet off the floor, you achieve this target but later you may find yourself stuck when you see that you got rid of the carpet but the adhesive used to stick the carpet remained on the floor. The floor can not work this way, you definitely and desperately need some way out to clean it off.

Comparing Floorings To Carpets

Wood or tiles flooring give a more sophisticated look to your room. It creates a shine into the room as the materials like wood or tiles have shine in themselves naturally.

One more thing, it is far easier to keep the tiles or wooden flooring clean as compared to carpets. There are less chances of having stains over these floorings, while in case of carpet you will have a stain even if water fells on it. Maintenance of these flooring is easier and cheaper.

Your carpet, how so ever carefully used would not look like a new one for more than a year. But if you use some tips and tricks and care a little for these floors they will appear as brand new for years and years. 

More over if something fells on carpet, it retains the smell and it becomes difficult to get rid of it. Especially if you have a toddler at your place or a pet in both cases you may remain afraid of the urine on carpet. If it’s tiled or wood flooring it’s not going to absorb any of such things and you may use cloth or paper towels to absorb and clean these off the floor easily.

Here I will be providing you with the tips and tricks to remove carpet adhesive off your floor. Whether it is hardwood flooring or any other flooring, for both you will find the solution down here. 

Cleaning Carpet Glue Off Your Flooring

Prepare Adhesive Removal Mixture

Now how much vinegar you would need to remove the adhesive depends on the size of area of your floor that have adhesive on it. I am giving you an estimate for not a very huge area. Take 2 cups of vinegar and pour it into a deep pan. Now put the vinegar over stove and heat it till it comes to boil.

Once it boils; turn off the stove and let the vinegar get cool for a min or two. After this transfer this vinegar from pan to a bucket (not a very small one). After this take a clean large piece of cloth. I would advise you to use towel, as this would work better.

Now put the cloth or towel whatever you have into the bucket and let it remained soaked into it for few minutes. After few minutes take out the towel but don’t squeeze it to take extra vinegar out. If you have bigger area you can use more towels soak them the same way into vinegar.

Fixing Vinegar Soaked Towel

Now set the vinegar soaked cloth over glue on your floor. Remember one thing that the vinegar soaked towel should remain warm. Let it be set there over glue for about fifteen to twenty minutes. After that remove the towel, and use scraper, a big one, to scrap the glue off the floor. If the adhesive is too stubborn, leave the towel over it for around thirty to forty minutes and than start the scraping process.

Washing The Floor

Now when you have removed the glue, its time for you to wash the floor. You actually would not be washing the floor instead you would be using cloth soaked in cold water to clean the floor.

Pouring water directly on floor will make it hell for you to dry up the floor. Now dry up the floor using dry cloth or paper towels, but do not dry by rubbing, do it by blotting just.

So here you are done, easily you have removed the glue of your flooring.


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    • profile image

      manbythesea 7 years ago

      My suggestion is simple and it works quite nicely. Use a hair dryer on high heat on the cemented rubber backing. Then while still warm, scrape the backing off with a scraper/putty knife. For the final unwilling pieces methyl hydrate and your putty knife will finish the job.