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Carpet Cleaning Machines Information

Updated on August 31, 2009

When it comes to cleaning carpets, many people are looking for information on whether it would be better to have a professional carpet cleaning company clean their carpets or whether they should do it themselves. Knowing the abilities of professional carpet cleaning machines versus ones an average person would use can help you determine which one better meets your needs.

Maybe you are having a dinner with important guests and you want professional care given to your carpet or you simply don't have the time. Maybe you have the time and want to save money, but you are particular about your carpets. Professional services may still be what you require.

The goal of this hub is to provide information about the different type of cleaning machines available at the professional and personal level so you can make a good decision when it comes to getting your carpets properly cleaned. 

Home Carpet Cleaning Machines

There are several quality carpet cleaning machine brands to choose from when deciding which one to purchase.  Whether you choose to use popular brand names such as hoover, bissell, prochem, dyson, or dirt devil you can have floors that you can be proud of and that you know are healthy for you children to play on. 

How do you know which type of machine to choose?  After all, there are several.  It depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  You can choose from steam cleaners to multiple types of vacuum cleaners.  Some even come with the ability to steam clean.  You can choose from uprights to pull alongs, and there are even robotic ones on the market that do all the work for you.  You simply push a button and it moves on your floor picking up dirt. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines

If you choose to use a commercial carpet cleaning company here are some things you should be aware of. Most of them will use chemicals when they clean your carpeting.  If you are especially prone to chemical allergies, you may want to ask first if they use steam only or chemical cleansing agents with their extractors. 

The most common commercial will have two hoses with a 4-5 nozzle spray pattern in the bottom of the extractor.  It will spray out the chemicals and then can be rinsed.  If you watch them spray your floors you can actually see the spray pattern on some carpets.  It should be a smooth pattern.  Sometimes the nozzles can get clogged and it will only clean part of the carpeting.  Fortunately, this is easy for the carpet cleaner to fix. 

True professionals shouldn't be offended at you watching.  After all, you are paying for the service and if they are doing their job, they'll be paying enough attention to catch the nozzles aren't working properly and need cleaned.  Sometimes they can clog on a job, especially if the carpeting is very dirty.  So just because you see an uneven pattern begin to appear does not mean the carpet cleaner does not take care of his equipment just make sure he cleans his jets.  

There are also commercial vacuum cleaners you can buy if you have offices that either you clean or manage.  They tend to deal with the everyday heavy usage much better than a regular vacuum cleaner. 

Types of Carpet Cleaning Machines

So what type of machines do you have to choose from?  There are several out there and it can be quite confusing.  It really depends on what you are ultimately going to use it for.  Certain vacuum cleaners such as stick vacuum cleaners are better for linoleum or wood flooring than on carpeting.  They can get bogged down in carpeting and do not clean thoroughly, but are very good for the bare floors. 

Stand up vacuums are much better for cleaning carpets than they are for bare floors.  They also are not very good usually at cleaning small area floor rugs due to more powerful suctioning than stick vacuums. 

If you suffer regularly from allergies or asthma a hepa filter vacuum cleaner is a very good idea.  Have you ever vacuumed and seen dust in the air.  First, clean your filter, but Hepa vacuums are much better at filtering out the dirt and dust that you are pulling out of the carpeting.  It also helps filter out mold and allergans that can cause respiratory irritation. 

Steam Carpet Cleaners

Carpet steam cleaners are very beneficial to cleaning your carpets. You can either buy them, rent them, or hire a professional company that uses them. There are quite a few upsides to using them.

The steam cleaners are much more effective at getting hardened dirt out of your carpets.  Most come with a very powerful extractor.  This extractor is able then to help you pull the dirt out even from the padding underneath the carpeting. 

Very few vacuum cleaners are able to do this effectively.  This is very important as bacteria, fungi, and molds often grow in the padding and the steam is able to pull them out not only leading to cleaner carpets, but also to an healthier living environment for you.  This is especially important if you have younger children or grandchildren who tend to play on the carpeting. 

Carpet Cleaning Machines Questions

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