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Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Updated on August 31, 2009

If you have ever planned on cleaning your own carpets it's very important that you know the proper supplies you should have in order to make sure you use the proper supplies for whatever job it is that you plan to perform on your carpet.

Different jobs require different types of supplies.  From spot removers to gum removers to flood damage, you will need the right tools for the right kind of problems.  Regular floor maintenance requires different carpet supplies alo.  Pet odors are also something to consider when purchasing carpet cleaning products. 

This goal of this hub is to help you understand what type of carpet cleaning supplies you will need to do the type of job you need to do correctly. It will also discuss what supplies a professional cleaning company should have so that you know they are using the proper resources to do the job.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Supplies

What type of carpet cleaning supplies are you looking for if you are either planning on starting your own cleaning business or you wish to know what is going to be used on your home? Cleaning solvents are common among cleaning companies.  If you are susceptible to allergies or asthma consider steam cleaning.  

If you have an odor problem that just won't go away some cleaners will use what is called an ozone machine.  This machine is based on ozone type oxygen and will suck a lot of the oxygen out of the air.  This helps remove the odor.  You will need to keep yourselves and your pets away from the area of the house that the ozone machine is working.  If where you live is small enough, you will need to find somewhere else to stay until the machine is done working.  These machines usually run from hours up to 1-3 days depending on how hard it is to remove the odor. 

If you are dealing with pet odors you need to replace the padding.  Most carpet cleaners do have equipment to do small repairs and fixes.  Don't expect them to do wholesale carpet replacement or difficult patches or repairs. 

Another type of carpet problem that cleaners help to fix is flood damage.  They will use big air blowing machines to help dry out the padding and carpeting.  A good company will pull up the carpeting so that the underbelly of the rug can be dried and the padding.  Most will also spray on an antimicrobial spray to help prevent mold, mildew, and odors.  Most will put the carpeting back afterwards and give the carpeting a good cleaning after it has been dried to freshen up the carpet. 

Other commercial carpet cleaning supplies include spot removers and gum removers.  My company used a citrus cleaner to help lift up the gum.  We used a plastic knife like device to protect the carpeting when we scraped the gum out of the floor.  For rust stains, we used rust remover that you can get at places such as Walmart or Target.  It is in the household cleaning supplies department and looks like an old style coppertone sun tan lotion bottle. 

Home Carpet Cleaning Supply

Most of the carpet cleaning equipment supplies you need to pick up can be found in your local grocery type store. Of course, the number one thing you will need is a carpet cleaning machine. Whether you choose an upright vacuum cleaner, portable cleaner, or steam carpet cleaning machine depends on the job you are trying to do.

Other supplies you will need are spot removers, a rust stain remover, and depending on what type of cleaning machine you choose will determine what type of cleaning solution you use.

There are much better options today than there used to be when it comes to picking up supplies. Most products in the past were very strong chemicals and when used poorly ventilated areas you should still use them with caution. Foams and sprays can linger in a room for quite a while.

Now there are "green" products you can use that can do the same job and protect you from harmful chemical reactions. Just make sure if you are going to go green that you know the company truly uses green methods. If you know a Shaklee representative, they have a great household cleaning product kit. I am not a Shaklee representative, but I use the products and they work.

Questions about Carpet Cleaning Supplies

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