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Carpet cleaning best Stain Removal professional hints & tips from Australia

Updated on December 18, 2016

Colour restoration example of our work

Showing a heavy duty carpet restoration in progress at Hope Island on the gold coast.
Showing a heavy duty carpet restoration in progress at Hope Island on the gold coast. | Source

Carpets are like babies

WHY Carpets are like babies

In a lot of cases but not always, the carpets I see, I have to treat like babies. You often have to clean their backsides... the carpet that is. In many cases most of the general carpet cleaners are males...

AND we all know what happens when most males are round when a baby needs changing. This picture shows what many of you are battling with on the surface. This is oil from our car which we are about to clean off of the back of the carpet to prevent it coming to the surface any further.


Guys take note

Girls tell the guys you need to clean the backside too
Girls tell the guys you need to clean the backside too | Source

Carpet cleaning Australian Spot Removal professional hints & tips

Carpet, kids and pets are a carpet cleaners best friend. Anyone who has experience with them knows the types of accidents that can happen.

Because we have been cleaning carpets since the 1970s we have seen a trend of installing carpet which is these days now very common to be darker as builders learn lessons of light carpets.

Most people however still prefer light carpets in their houses due to the illusion of an increased appearance in size.

When I started dyeing carpets I was stunned to learn the fact that, many manufacturers only put in .0005 percent dye to make these light carpet colours.

As a direct result of the lack of dye this causes your carpet to act like a sponge. Just try to imagine the millions of dye points as little holes like a flyscreen or a coffee filter.

Thousands of these tiny holes are available ready and waiting to catch every spec of dirt, fluff or dye that comes near them. This makes the risk of accidents and spills dyeing your carpet higher than ever. No matter what the spill may be, sauce, blood, gum, coffee or milk there are usually often many ways and means to clean everything.

At your local department store or grocery store, there are several stain removal products that you can pick up some will work great. However many a time a common problem with these stain removal products is they are normally very vague with how you should use them. AND they are usually just a form of degreaser. This will in some cases set your stains as will common table salt on coffee.

The first thing you should know is that if you have a DYE or red stain on your carpet, you should not try to get this out yourself, you can instead leave it to a colour restoration specialist. There is only 1 colour restorer who has a very effective treatment that your local carpet cleaning company may stock which can save you a fortune in incompetent carpet cleaners trying to get the stain out and as a result save your carpet from ruin.

Keep in mind that DYE or red stains are ONE of the toughest stains to get out unless you have our (CDSP or cordial dye stain preventer). Not even a standard professional carpet cleaner is the way to go, for DYE or red stains, as most carpet cleaners are usually NOT properly trained to handle red or many other spots.

For everything else, there is always an effective and cheap way to clean spots on both your carpet and the upholstery. Our tried and tested solutions and cleaning products, as we have tested them you do not have to waste money trying to find the right spot remover or cleaner. We guarantee if you choose the correct product for the job and follow our simple directions our products will work for you making you a hero with reduced effort on your part.

Please note many carpet cleaners are charging more these days if it is found you have been using foaming cleaners. These cleaners may make your work easier, but will cost you in the long run. The reason for this is that the defoam agents are an extra cost not usually needed to be used with proper carpet care.

The foam in these canned cleaners gets stuck in the fibers upon contact as it foams. The foam releases and suspends the stains and soils. You may need to lightly scrub the areas with a towel or soft bristled brush, then when dry vacuum off. After a while some of these foams go sticky which will make your carpet re soil quicker.

colour restoration inspection after

Helpful carpet tips & hints

Carpet and upholstery cleaning tips may come in handy:

1. You should only use light or white rags or towels when you clean carpet and upholstery to reduce the risk of ruining colors or color transfer.

2. You should only use foaming cleaners sparingly to clean your carpet or upholstery, even though it may state to dry clean only.

3. You should always test your product of choice first on a hidden area to save yourself heartache and embarrassment in case things turn out pear shaped.

4. It is best to get the help of a professional, if you feel out of your depth. You should not feel bad we all make mistakes.

Everything should go well with your DIY carpet clean providing you do not have THE DREADED DYE or red stain monsters on the carpet. If you run into fragrance problems wizz into the bathroom and grab out some lavender oil it works a treat.

Spots, kids and pets are a carpet's worst enemy, which is why you should always teach kids and pets respect at an early age and get the spots out as soon as you can - to prevent things from staining any worse.

GrAb more hints and tips.

The team are part of the ausis group and team who are professional Solutions consultants and Colour restorers who specialise in a wide number of topics. For more info and all the latest news and information visit our websites


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    • ausis profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Australia

      You're sort of right though, it's not that all "professionals just don't care and just do a fast bad job" it's just some or the ones you've come across. We have seen them too and they are more slackers than what you called them.

      Yes it doesn't matter to an extent what tool you use to do the job as long as you take the time, to an extent. Thankfully the carpet in the first photo a Britex had been used for a few years this left a lot of residue in the carpet so it was easier to clean.

      If you pre spray and then use minimal chemical in tank less sticky residue is left for dirt & oil to build up on, as mentioned in another post.

      As for the second photo an actual steam cleaner was used to dissolve the engine oil because a normal water extraction machine like a Britex wouldn't. Plus the fact of not wanting to cause delamination.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      My mum has used Britex for 20 years and just loves it. She says professionals just don't care and just do a fast bad job. She has told hundreds of people over the years to use it and they're rapt. So if you can't use one and get great results your probably a moron who can't tie up his shoe laces either

    • ausis profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Australia

      No Carpets, babies or males were hurt in the making of this Hub. Well maybe just a few peoples pride :) AND I did say (most males)

    • ausis profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Australia

      So true I couldn't have said it better myself. The number of times we have had people pay $30-40 or so to hire a britex or other DIY cleaner only to have to get us to fix up their mess professionally you wouldn't believe. Mind you we charge more because of the extra work and materials involved. Usually defoamer due to all the foam...

      I couldn't fit it all in here but you can check out more at

    • profile image

      carpet cleaning Grand Rapids 

      8 years ago

      We have lots of reasons why we install carpets. Through a thousand of benefits, they deserve to have a proper maintenance. For sure, no one wants to see stains on their carpet. That's why most of us find a better way to clean it or if they're not sure about the right cleaning, they just hired a professional cleaner to do a perfect cleaning job.


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