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Casper Mattress Review and Discount Code

Updated on August 12, 2015

This beds too soft..This beds too hard....This beds JUST Right!!

One of the most expense beds I bought over 20 years ago was a Sterns and Foster pillow top. It was very soft and durable. Every 6 months we would flip it over and rotate due to the issue of mattress slump (where over time the mattress will not recover its shape and take on your body image). Also over time the mattress would collect body sweat and become very heavy!! Newer Sterns and Foster models try to cut cost by only making one side of the mattress pillow top. Now the option of flipping the mattress every 6 months is out. You can only rotate it.

Our second bed we purchased was also very expensive and top of the line. The Classic Tempurpedic mattress with adjustable bed frame. We fell for the hype and got the pillows too. My wife and I really wanted to love this. In the summer time, we both got hot while sleeping and in the winter the bed was very hard. It would get soft after you would lie on it. But being in the market for a second bed we decided to try the next thing! Sleep Number Bed!

Sleep Number Bed was not a good idea for us. After awhile the bed blew out its zipper and spilled out its air bladders. The repair was over $700.00 The adjustable bed frame was less expensive but it too needed repairs. We decided to replace this Air bed with the new kid on the block....Casper Mattress due to the cost.

I ordered the Casper Queen for around $800.00. I got a code now for $50.00 off on the purchase price.

The box came in and weighed around 80lbs. I removed it from the box...broke the seal and let the show begin. It "Came Alive" and I just put it on the existing adjustable bed frame. It fit perfectly. I had the memory foam overlay we bought from Costco for the sleep number bed, so I just threw it on top of the Casper. This made the bed a little more to our liking. All in all we are very happy with the bed. The price was right and it came with the 100 night test drive.

If you are interested in buying this item feel free to use the $50.00 off code:

Any spiff I receive will go to support Alzheimer's Walk for a Cure. Goodnight!


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    • Reginald Thomas profile image

      Reginald Thomas 2 years ago from Connecticut

      Thank you for the info. Nice to see a startup doing well!

    • moneyshot profile image

      moneyshot 2 years ago

      Article in New York Press:

      Launching a new business seems an unusual move for Casper, a barely 14-month-old New York startup whose memory-foam mattresses with latex tops arrive via UPS or Uber packed in a box the size of a mini-refrigerator. Since its launch in April 2014, the venture-backed company has been growing fast with ads that have been papering the New York subway system, and with revenues over a 10-month period hitting $30 million. The staff has expanded from five to 70 people. But the company has been developing Van Winkle's since October 2014, not long after the e-commerce site itself launched.

    • Reginald Thomas profile image

      Reginald Thomas 2 years ago from Connecticut

      Nice article. I would be interested in knowing who makes the Casper Mattress. What manufacturer?


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