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Cast Iron Radiator

Updated on July 14, 2009

Some of the modern cast iron radiators to be commissioned offer a sleek and minimalist design to rival even the most modern and functional of radiators on the high street. These radiators offer an elegant design, that combines well with its modern quality. Cast-iron radiators are often seen to be highly efficient, if compared next to some of the modern steel radiators that can be found in the market today. Which in turn can offer a reduction in the annual cost of energy bills. For most effect, radiators should be positioned at the coldest area of a property - in most cases that would be the outside walls.

Cast-iron radiators can be installed by a competent DIY person in the same way as a standard convector or bathroom radiator, with the system compatible with a standard central heating system in a typical household. In most cases these radiators are all free-standing on integral legs, and can’t be mounted to a wall in view of their weight.

Radiator Repair

Resorting or refurbishing a neglected cast iron radiator can often be a fun project to take on by a keen do-it-yourself enthusiast. Improving on the aesthetic appeal can soon lighten up the whole look of a room, such works to contemplate include a complete re-paint job, meaning to strip away all the old paint before first cleaning, sanding, and applying a coat of primer, to finish off with an oil based paint to ensure a long lasting finish. If a radiator malfunctions or needs resizing it’s often a wise to make a call to a qualified plumber and leave them to it.

If attempting a do-it-yourself repair job cast-iron radiator parts are often easy to come by in most hardware or DIY stores. In addition, these radiators are heavy, so that need to be taken into account when planning a project.

Radiator Covers

A radiator cover often adds a touch of class and efficiency to the overall appearance of a room and can often look just as stylish as a modern or Victorian radiator itself. With the ideal design it can blend in with a room decor. A rad cover is also a highly recommended safety measure for a household with small children or pets in attendance. Radiator covers can be designed to appear as a wooden bookshelf to a classic metal enclosure in a choice of marble, bronze or wood.

Victorian Cast Iron Radiator

Vintage clones of the original Victorian radiators are available in an abundance of different designs and styles. Column cast iron radiators are often designed to fit in larger residences. Sizes can range from tall models for a large room to short or mid-sized models to fit restricted areas, such as under a window sill. Traditional radiators include Liberty, Clasico, Burlington, and Victorian, and Viceroy cast iron radiators - all ideally suited for a traditional period styled property.


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      9 years ago

      KorTech radiators is a manufacturer of Heat Exchange related items in copper and Brass especially radiators for various applications like Trucks, Tractors, Cars, Earthmoving Vehicle.


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