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Cat Wall Clock with Tail Pendulum

Updated on January 21, 2012

Wall Clock Cat Deals

If you collect cat figurines, or love the cats that nessel up to you when your feeling cold, or in the need of some love, then you will love these cat wall clock with tail pendulum. These are adorable cat shaped and cat looking wall clocks with some having moving tails, eyes or both.

Cat lovers love these clocks and so will you or the person your buying this for. These make great birthday presents or wall decorations. It has been in families for over 3 Generations and continues to be the most loved Cat Clock. Whats even better are their are no unsightly cords, it runs off batteries.

Felix Cat Wall Clock
Felix Cat Wall Clock

Kit-Cat Wall Clock 30% 0ff

A classic vintage look makes this cat wall clock perfect for any home.It features accurate time and fun movement of the eyes and the tail. Crafted from black plastic this adorable clock has a black oval face with white Arabic numerals,It will grab your attention with it's wagging pendulum tail and eyes that move side to side. the clock runs off of two C batteries, so that means this clock can go anywhere in your house with out the fear of a outlet not being their or ugly cords hanging down. It measures 15-1/2 inches tall, and is made in the U.S.A.

Ashton Sutton ST3204 Cat Shaped Pendulum Wall Clock
Ashton Sutton ST3204 Cat Shaped Pendulum Wall Clock

Ashton Sutton ST3204 Cat Shaped Pendulum Wall Clock

This cat clock will bring back memories as it has many people. This battery-operated cat clock features moving tail and eyes that is a sure to be a conversation starter. The clock features accurate quartz movement and a tail that sways as time ticks away any where in your house.

This being cord free you have more options and less mess to see. This clock comes in many different colors that will go great for any room in your house, including tiger stripe and polka dot as well as the black one you see.

Cat Wall Clock with Penedulum

If your looking for a Bulova Wall Clock Pendulum or something more antique looking then you can check out the link above to the Bulova Clocks these offer great prices as well as great detailed looks into these great looking wall clocks with many styles to choose from.


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