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Caulk, a homeowners saving Grace!

Updated on April 15, 2016

Caulk, a Homeowners Saving Grace

We as homeowners are taxed with a multitude of honey-dos to keep our homes in order. While some are costly, others are not. Unfortunately one item many overlook is caulking. A simple $2 tube of caulk can save you loads in the end.

If you have multiple areas to caulk and will be using quite a bit I would recommend purchasing the contractor case of caulk from your local hardware store. You will notice the price per tube drops drastically when doing so.

Here are a few areas that should be caulked:

  • Wet areas:
    • Plumbing lines – under sinks, around faucets, toilets, shower enclosures/doors, tub surrounds, water softener systems, exterior hose bibs, and baseboards.
    • Windows are notorious for water/air leaks. Keep them clean and caulked.
    • Exterior entry doors – caulk the trim both inside and out. Check to make sure you don’t see any light around the seal. If so, replace that seal. Make sure to seal up that dog door while you’re at it.
    • Regularly check and install/re-install caulking around these areas. Ensure the caulking you are using is an indoor/outdoor waterproof caulk. If you are going to paint the caulk ensure the caulk you are purchasing is paintable as well.

Your house will settle over time so your caulking will require re-applying. I have an annual maintenance program in place for my home and checking the caulking is #1 on the list.

Keeping your “wet areas” properly sealed will help avoid water intrusion which leads to mold growth potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the end.

Performing regular checks can also help eliminate the following:

  • Water damage which can and will lead to mold growth. Keep in mind, it only takes 24 hours for mold to grow and mold only needs a drop of water and food source, which could be something as simple as a piece of hair, to grow.
  • Lessen your chances of potential rodent and insect infestation.
  • Drastically reduce your heating and cooling bills as you will no longer be allowing the air you have paid to heat/cool to escape.

You’ll be amazed at what other repairs you an nip in the bud while conducting these inspections.

Just remember what is a small repair today could be a costly repair tomorrow.

Tltravis, AKA Tammy Stephens is a Certified Mold Remediator


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