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Cement Manufacturers in the Role of Creating a New World

Updated on August 13, 2013

Cement Manufacturers in the Role of Creating a New World

Cement is one of the vital materials for construction of buildings, roads and many other structures. Cement industry is indeed a big industry and is growing to a considerable volume with the passage of time. The advent of cement in human civilization can be said to have taken place around 1824 with a British mason obtaining the patent for Portland cement that was prepared through a proportionate mixing, burning and subsequent grinding of a unique combination of limestone and clay.

From that point of time, cement industry has grown at a fabulous pace. The quality of the cement is however far superior than that of the one developed then, and Cement Manufacturers are making considerable contribution to the development of this industry.

The very common phenomenon with the upcoming cement industry development is the rapid urbanization, so Cement Manufacturers can be said as the harbingers of urbanity. Urbanization needs a concrete lain out of civilization that is impossible without the vast use and popularity of cement. Offices, bridges, schools, banks are the familiar structures that concrete and reinforced civilization is characteristic of, and cement plays a leading role. The high population in the world growing with a phenomenal rate is creating a crisis of habitation. Since housing is a basic requirement of man, it is natural for the cement industry to flourish with the march of time.

But people all over the world are getting concerned with the present state of the environment and millions of people are thinking about more eco-friendly construction. Building materials play an important role to build an eco-friendly construction. Cement Manufacturers and scientists are looking for a way out to produce eco-friendly cement. One of the scientists experimented with gold in the use of magnesia oxide in cement. Cement mixed with magnesia oxide needs co2 to harden, and it does this by sequesters co2 from atmosphere.

Magnesia does not absorb carbon naturally on its own, but when it is mixed with permeable materials like bricks, blocks and pavement it can absorb co2 and carbonate. The rate of carbon dioxide absorption varies based on the extent of porosity and the amount of reactive magnesia in that mixture. But, the material is built effectively and has the additional profit of absorbing harmful greenhouse gases. The material has also the ability to absorb carbon at the time of the manufacturing process.

Many Cement Manufacturers play a crucial role in humanity’s green house march. Cement may not come into mind when people think of green building materials, but some people are highly choosy in their selection of building materials and the effects of them on the environment. Cement is the unique hard material that man can use to construct things of his planning, and perhaps that is why humanity is looking for cement that saves them from the ill effects of nature as well.

Cement Manufacturers are truly doing a job that can prove to be a blessing for whole humanity. Along with that there will be low risk of loss as eco friendly cement is completely recyclable. This type of cement is produced from waste materials those are generally thrown away. In a way this process could prove to be a substantial solution to the growing environmental pollution.


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