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Ceramic Kitchen Knives from Starfrit

Updated on March 12, 2011

Are you looking for a top quality kitchen knife? If so, you may want to try one of the amazing new ceramic blade knives from Starfrit.

I recently received one of these knives to try and was absolutely amazed by how well it works. I have long been a fan of forged steel knives, but having a chance to try this product has moved ceramic to the top of my list of the best options in quality kitchen knives.

Powerful Cutting Power

Personally, I was amazed at how sharp this knife is and how easily it cuts. The company's press release states that "everyone can be the executive chef in their own kitchen".

After using the knife myself, I have to agree with that statement. It makes easy work of cutting everything from apples to vegetables to meat (cooked and raw). I was able to cut very thin, even slices of cooked roast beef and chicken for gyros sandwiches quickly and easily with my new Starfrit knife.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

Each piece in Starfrit's line of ceramic blade kitchen knives has a soft grip handle designed with the principles of ergonomic in mind, making for an easy and comfortable grip. They are also very lightweight and easy to use.

Much lighter than stainless steel lives, cutting with Starfrit ceramic blade kitchen knives is much less strenuous than with other types of cutlery. When you use this type of knife, your shoulders and arms experience much less strain.

Healthful Food Preparation

A major benefit of ceramic knives is that they provide a food preparation alternative that is pure and healthful. These types of knives leave no smell or aftertaste when used for food preparation. Additionally, since the blades are not metal, there is no reason to be concerned about possibly transferring metal ions to food.

Low Maintenance

According to information provided by Starfrit, the company's ceramic blade kitchen knives can maintain their sharpness up to ten times longer than classic steel knives, so they rarely need sharpening. Additionally, the fact that they are not metal means that these knives don't get rusty and they will not be damaged due to exposure to the oils or acids in the foods they are used to cut.

Additional Features

Each of Starfrit's ceramic blade kitchen knives comes with a protective cover. Several sizes are available, ranging from three to six inches. The full line of Starfrit ceramic blade kitchen knives is covered by the protection of a with a five year warranty.


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