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Ceramic Top/Convection Range - A Change of Perspective

Updated on September 3, 2011
Ceramic Range Top
Ceramic Range Top | Source
Range Top
Range Top | Source

Ceramic Cooking/Convection Cooking; Loving this

Recently we moved to a new home. It was close to what we wanted except for the electric coil range that adorned the kitchen. I like to think that I am a fair cook and with a trained chef in the family, gas was all I had known, and all I wanted to know. High on the list of things to do was the installation of a gas line. As happens, emergencies came up, and the decision was made to look at Ceramic tops electric ovens.

The brand I wanted didn’t come less than 30” width. The old house we purchased had to have a smaller width. I wasn’t ready to put in new cabinets for a larger unit

· Many stoves are listed as 30 inch width, but when you look at the spec sheet it is 29.87. Yes, it does make a different. The delivery men were able to finesse the 29.87 inch unit into the opening, but the 30” models would not have made it.

· I found several models, one looked cheap, and one was extremely high end (more than I was willing to pay). But, I found the Samsung FTQ387LWGX.

· It had 4 burners, plus a warming burner on the radiant surface. This will be great for soups in winter.

Pans- ifyou are able to glance through the manual before you buy, make sure that your pans will work correctly on the ceramic top. You may have to invest in a few new pans, but most of the new, high quality lines will work just fine.

· It also has a warmer drawer that will keep food warm for up to an hour. (Thanksgiving cooking)

· There is a custom setting that can record three recipe setting.

· There is also a proof setting for storing raising dough.

· The Oven is convection. Once, I had a microwave/convection combination and it was wonderful. There are wonderful results that come with convention cooking, especially recipes that call for that perfect brown.

o Using the oven on convection - Check your pans and use the ones that allow the flow of air around the food.

· When using the Broil position leave the oven door open to the broil stop – Do not broil with a closed oven.

· It has the auto clean, of course. I haven’t used that yet, but this seems standard.

**I’ve notice that they now have come up with a Jewish Sabbath Setting. Years ago when I worked at an appliance store, this was a feature widely asked for, but not available.

As you can see, this is a good looking unit, sold at many department and big box stores. Ranges are changed out often. Check the clearance area first and always.


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