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Chain Saw Pants

Updated on April 9, 2011

A pair of protective chain saw pants can greatly minimize the chances that a logger or regular chain saw user becomes seriously injured from a kickback or other sawing accident. OSHA regularly reports that there are thousands of people involved in chain saw injuries each year and many prove to be fatal. The right gear can help and on of the most useful protections is chain saw pants, but a chain saw helmet, vest and sturdy boots are also recommended for the truly safety conscious.

These protective pants are usually made from polyester and nylon or ballistic nylon with up to six layers of Kevlar sandwiched between them. The extremely durable and flexible Kevlar layers provide the strength of steel with barely any weight. Kevlar has been tested and is capable of protecting a user from chain saw speeds over 3000 feet per minute, which exceeds the ASTM International standards of 2750 fpm. The Kevlar clogs and causes the chain to jam slowing it greatly and minimizing the damage even from carbide chains. It will not stop a full running saw, but it will allow the user more time to react to a dangerous cut or accident and act accordingly. Every second counts in a chain saw accident and there is a fine line between walking away with minor cuts versus never walking again.

Chain saw pants are available in a wide range of styles and colors like forest green, green, blue, safety orange, and black. They are available in cargo styles with side leg pockets or a traditional jean style cut. Many have ankle zippers to make it easier to take big boots on and off. These protective leggings stay sharp looking by utilizing the finest oil and grease repelling material on the outside. There are styles that are meant to be worn all day long and there are also overpants, which are worn over jeans or other work pants and removed when not needed on the worksite. Both are equally effective when worn, but often laziness leads a logger to not fetch the overpants when needed. It is recommended to wear them all day if you are cutting timber.

Make sure that any chain saw pants you look at have the right safety specifications clearly stated whether it is from OSHA or ASTM International. Some of the cheapest pants on the market do not even contain Kevlar and this is one of the best and most important materials in the defense against chain saw accidents. Most big box do-it-yourself stores will stock a variety of styles. In rural areas, farm supply stores are great places to buy them. For those in remote areas it is easy to shop for a quality pair of chain saw pants at large online retailers like Amazon.


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