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Chainsaw Safety - Tips You Should Remember

Updated on March 26, 2015

In the previous post, I wrote about Tips on Buying Best Chainsaws. Today’s post, I want to discuss about using chainsaw safety. Hopefully, this post is useful to you.

When you’re planning on using any kind of power tool, it’s a good idea to have a plan of action. Chainsaws are tools that are especially dangerous if not handled with care. Every year there are serious injuries and even deaths caused by chainsaws. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid using one, it just means that you need that all important plan of action so that you can operate your chainsaw in the safest manner possible.

Some Simple Steps to use your Chainsaw safety

  • Inspect Your Saw Before Starting it. Take a look at your saw for a moment to make sure there is no obvious damage to the chain or the housing unit. A damaged saw can cause injuries, so taking a few seconds to scope your chainsaw out is a smart step to take.
  • Put on your safety gear. Goggles, head protection, ear plugs and gloves are essential pieces of safety gear that you should have on every time you use your chainsaw.
  • Make sure the saw if fueled up. Don’t wait until you start your job to check the gas levels. Get the saw filled up on gas before you head to the job site.
  • Check your work area. Be sure that the area is clear of people and animals. Look out for tripping hazards and generally keep your eyes open when you begin working with your saw.
  • Engage the chain brake, brace the chainsaw and start it up. Always be smooth and quick as you pull on the start cord. If the saw won’t start there may be a mechanical problem, don’t injure yourself by trying too hard. You shouldn’t have to work up a sweat to start your chainsaw.
  • Once you start cutting, stay aware of our surroundings and focus on the task at hand.
  • Keep a firm, two handed grip on your saw at all times.
  • Start cutting, but stay safe.

Chainsaw Safety Tips You Should Remember

Chainsaws are very popular tools for taking care of tough, outdoor cutting jobs. Like any other power tool, you have to use your chainsaw the right way, and that means being safe. It’s very tempting to just take your chainsaw out of its case, fire it up and start cutting away, but this is no tool to be careless with. Taking the right precautions before, during and after use of your chainsaw can help to prevent some very serious injuries.

1. Know Your Chainsaw Well

Here’s a tip that a lot of people won’t like to hear, but it needs to be said. Take time to read the documentation that you got with your chainsaw. You should know about all of the safety features on your chainsaw and recommended precautions from the manufacturer.

No one knows the saw you bought better than the manufacturer. Since they designed and constructed the saw, they are the experts when it comes to safely operating it. Don’t cut a thing until you read the product documentation; it’s that simple.

2. Remember to Use Protective Gear

You have to keep your body and face protected when using a chainsaw. These kinds of saws are designed for serious cutting and they can throw off a lot of debris when you use them. It’s recommended to wear a hardhat, goggles and ear protection to keep your head, face and hearing protected.

You should also wear long sleeves, avoid wearing shorts and have on protective work boots This may sound like too much to wear when your out in the warm weather, but this level of personal protection will keep you safe from accidents while using your chainsaw.

3. Operating Your Chainsaw

Be sure that you are standing on solid, stable ground when operating a chainsaw. Losing your balance can result in the blade of your chainsaw ending up where you don’t want it to be. Be sure to clear the general work area where you will be operating your chainsaw.

Anyone that doesn’t need to be around while you’re cutting, needs to leave. Be especially vigilant about family pets and children when cutting wood around the house. A child or pet can sneak up on you and cause a serious accident.


Using a chainsaw makes big cutting jobs a breeze, but you have to keep your thoughts always focused on safe use of the saw. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye, so staying focused on safety is essential. Make sure that you never cut alone. You should always have a co-worker or friend nearby, in case you get injured. Stay safe, keep your saw well maintained and enjoy knocking out those big cutting projects.

Above all, pay close attention to the chainsaw safety, the environment you are cutting in and use common sense. A chainsaw is a very dangerous tool when not handled properly. Be sure to show the proper respect due when working with your own chainsaw to avoid needless accidents from occurring.


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