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Chainsaw buyer guide

Updated on July 13, 2016

Depending on what you are looking to do with a chainsaw really does dictate what kind of chainsaw that you are going to buy. If you are a home owner and looking to do projects around the house the best kind of chainsaw that you can buy is gas-powered because it offers you more power and can do both big and little jobs and is absolutely portable. This means if the power goes out and you need to use it you will have no problem getting it to work each and every single time you want it to work. Gas models can be outfitted with all different sorts of bar lengths when it comes to blades and such and can really be more flexible to its electric or cordless brothers.

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Husqvarna 460 chainsaw
Husqvarna 460 chainsaw | Source

Now electric chainsaws are really coming into their own with demand and that’s because many people have smaller yards, with less to do around them and they are perfect for the lighter jobs. You are truly stuck to what a 100-foot cord can do and sometimes that’s all someone needs when it comes to the chainsaw of their choice. It’s said that they should be used with only the best outdoor rated plugs and stuff and be no more than 100 feet if using an extension cord for the best use. A huge plus on their side is that you do not have to mess with a gas/oil mixture when it comes to them, they are cleaner and neater to store.

Cordless chainsaws are really more for people who are doing the lightest of cutting chores or hobbyist who does crafting that involves wood cutting. They sit on a charger or have a battery which sits on a charger and then is taken off the charger to do a specific chore or task. They are very unreliable when it comes to anything that any of the other chainsaws will do and really are only for someone who is going to do the lightest of cutting. Once a battery has run out it can usually take many, many hours to recharge it again which means that in an emergency they aren’t very good once they run out of juice.

You need to simply make sure that you know what the tasks are that you are going to use your chainsaw for. Making sure that once you’ve evaluated what you are going to do with it that you buy the right chainsaw for your tasks. If you’ve got large trees on your property that you might have to deal with getting a gas powered one is your best bet. If you’ve got smaller trees or other things an electric powered one is more suited for you, and if you’ve got just really light jobs or a one and done sort of job, the more economical battery-powered chainsaw is your best bet. Just make sure you know what the jobs are you are going to be using them for and that’s the best way to buy a chainsaw.


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