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Chair leg caps

Updated on July 5, 2011

Chair leg caps

Are you noticing that your chair legs scratch your floor? Have they already ruined that great new floor you just got for your home? Are you looking for a solution? Look no longer! Here is the perfect solution for you: get chair leg caps!

Chair leg caps prevent your chair legs from scratching your floor. How do they work? They cover the bottom of the chair’s leg with chair floor protectors made out of plastic. Your floor will not be scratched any longer!

You should be aware that there are many different types of chair leg floor protectors you can buy. For example, there is a large variety on the size of the cap. Make sure you do not buy your chair leg caps big too big or too small. Neither will work for you.

Good chair leg floor protectors can really make a big difference when it comes to the life and appearance of your hardwood floors throughout your house. Sometimes you don't know where to start when choosing the right furniture leg caps. There are three main types of chair floor protectors that you can choose from starting from plastic chair floor protectors to rubber chair floor protectors and better still cloth chair floor protectors. It is simple to determine which type of cap you will need to use by merely looking at the chair leg itself and figuring this out from your own perspective.

What is another important aspect to consider when acquiring the perfect chair leg caps for your chairs? Obvious to say, it is the color. When choosing the right furniture leg cap, you should consider what color your furniture has. When you add the chair leg inserts, you should not be able to distinguish between the legs and the chair leg caps. So, you must consider to pick out a color that will not ruin your precious furniture’s appearance!

You might also want to consider permanent chair leg glides. How do they work? The large majority of these glides have to be nailed or screwed to the bottom of the chair. You can glide your furniture over, when cleaning, redecorating, or simply need to move them. Your floor will not get ruined or scratched! You can choose from a large variety of glides, including plastic, Teflon plastic, carpet padding, or felt.

Now, with the use of chair leg caps, your furniture should not be harming your floor! Protect both your furniture legs and your floors with chair leg caps. You can use them in any type of furniture, in the kitchen, in your room, in the dining room for the dining table and chairs, you tell me! You can find this large variety in your nearest department and hardware store. Also, you can find them online. Have a fun time choosing your chair leg caps!

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    • profile image

      Albert Guttentag 6 years ago

      I have kitchen chairs that are rectangular in shape. I am looking for chair caps but can only find round caps. Can you supply rectangular shaped caps?