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Chalkboard and Blackboard Wall Stickers

Updated on July 28, 2010

Chalkboard Wall Stickers

Everybody loves chalkboards right? The problem is kids easels are bulky and take up large amounts of bedroom space and lets face it kids rooms are usually smaller. Solution : chalkboard / blackboard wall stickers! Easy to apply and available in lots of different shapes, with the best thing being that they don't take up any floor space. That's the kids sorted out but what about the adults? Well, they also come in shapes and sizes for adult living areas whether it's for ingredients for the kitchen or notes in the hallway the uses are endless. A cost effective simple solution that also adds something different to any plain wall........!

Designs Available

Chalkboard and blackboard wall stickers are available from Spin Collective who design and retail original wall stickers for interior design and home decorating. All of the chalkboard stickers come complete with free Crayola coloured chalk sticks, plastic applicator and simple instructions.


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      muhammad latif41 7 years ago

      The original chalkboards were made from black or dark grey slate stone and examples of these can be seen in a lot of period dramas such as Oliver Twist or any other film that has a school settin