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Challenges for My Home Theatre

Updated on July 20, 2012

Well sorry that it has been several weeks since I blogged about my home theatre setup. It's been ten years since I moved, so I forgot how long it takes to get settled.

Needless to say some things have been easier than anticipated with my new home theatre stuff and some things are going to be a challenge for some time to come.

Since my Windows Media Center 2005 Computer is the hub of everything in my home theatre, that was the first thing that I got setup. It was actually easier since my "office" in in a loft type area of my condo away from everything. My old setup had my media center / home theatre computer in a room right off my living room, which was convenient but there were a lot more wires and stuff.

The new setup is more simple. One hub and several wireless extenders that can access the media content on my home theatre computer including: live television, recorded tv shows, pictures, videos, and MP3 and WMA music files. One day I really need to put all my music files in one format, but we'll save that for another day...

Setting up my projector in my bedroom was simple. I brought my Yamaha tuner and 5 speakers. So, I just hooked up my stereo in the bedroom just like you would do under any circumstances. Then my HP Media Center Extender was connected to my Wireless A/G Router (this connection is wireless) and.......... WALA --- I had everything running smooth and simple.

I have purchased another extender but have been unable to get it working. It is most likely going into my workout room down in the garage. I'm unclear if the reason it won't work is that I have an HP Media Center Extender and a Linksys.

I'm still working on this. My final piece to finish is another extender for my living room, but unlike my other home, which had white walls, I'm still trying to decide what to do. I may go with a projector or some type of flat screen.

There are many pros and cons to both. Will blog about that later.... for now, it's time for pizza!


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