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Chandelier Lighting For Your Home

Updated on July 8, 2009

Want to know an easy way to dress up a room, without spending a ton of money and doing a complete overhaul? It's easy, just change the lighting. A new light fixture or lighting scheme can help dress up a room, and it's pretty easy to accomplish. Nothing adds more drama to a room than a classic lighting chandelier. Chandeliers have been used for centuries. They started out as simple wooden crosses, that had candles stuck to them. They were attached to the ceiling with pullys to raise and lower them. They were lowered, the candles were lit then they were raised back into place. The word chandelier, is French for candlestick. When metalworking became affordable for the common person, candles were added to the arms of a bronze or brass chandelier. When electric lights came around, they were still made to look like candles. These days though you can find all kinds of chandeliers lighting up rooms. Some are metal, some are wood, they come in all styles, shapes and sizes. Although we don't use candles any more, you can still find chandeliers that look like they have candles. Today the term chandelier basically means a hanging light. Let's take a look at some different types of chandeliers and their options.

Modern Chandelier Lighting

These days we have all sorts of options for contemporary chandelier lighting. Modern chandeliers have developed into pendant chandeliers, simply chandeliers without multiple arms. Many of them have a single chandelier shade with multiple lights and they hang from one central arm. You can find chandelier light fixtures in wood for a craftsman style house, or brushed metal for a more contemporary or art deco look. They're easily installed these days, it's usually a matter of turing of the breakers removing the old fixture and connecting the color coded wires included with your new lights. They will screw right into the existing ceiling fixture.

Black Chandelier

By the justified sinner via Flickr
By the justified sinner via Flickr

Crystal Chandelier Lighting

The classic lighting chandelier that we usually think of today is a crystal chandelier. When glass makers learned how to make lead crystal, crystal chandelier lighting became the rage all across Europe, for people that could afford it. Many of the French kings had crystal chandeliers in their palaces. The crystal could diffuse the light and spread it out as well as acting as prism and spreading all colors of the rainbow throughout the room. Kind of like the first disco ball. We're so used to seeing them now they've kind of lost their magic, but you can imagine what a big change it was after candles stuck to wooden or metal arms and hung on the ceiling.

Black Chandelier Lighting

Another throwback to the “good old days” is the wrought iron chandelier. Iron was relatively easy to work, (it didn't need to be cast like bronze or brass) and every town had a blacksmith. Because of this it was easy for the merchant middle class to afford wrought iron chandeliers. Typically black, and with twisted arms, these chandeliers were very heavy, as you might imagine something made of iron would be. Of course houses were built with huge beams and could support the weight. Today we need light chandeliers to put in our houses. We can still get them in iron, or hollow steel painted to look like iron, for that rustic look.

With so many options for chandeliers today, from mini chandeliers to chandelier shades, it's easy to update the look of your lighting fixtures, or to create a style to your room.

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