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The Neighbors - Chapter Two

Updated on January 21, 2015

19 Castway Road

Moving day started before dawn, in fact every day started before dawn for me this entire week. I could barely contain my excitement…thoughts of what color I would paint the walls of my new home, where I would put the furniture, and solitude from the fast pace of the city overcame my senses. Everything was wrapped, packed and boxed waiting on the movers arrival. I sat quietly sipping my tea, watching the sun slowly creep up over the rooftops of the neighboring houses. Slowly the still dawn slipped into another bustling day and I was brought to action by the sound of the moving truck driving slowly down my street.

I walked around what had been my home for two years. A lot had changed in those two years, I had experience a lot, but now it was time to move on. I wiped the threatening tears from my eyes and whispered a goodbye to the empty rooms. I locked the back door for the last time and jumped into my car to lead the moving truck to my future. The drive was only 20 miles of mostly highway and then a few country roads so we were at the house in no time. It was dusk before I watched the taillights of the moving truck disappear down the road. I turned around and looked up at my house; slowly I let the smile creep across my face and I walked in, the proud owner of 19 Castway Road.

After a month of settling in, I rewarded myself with a quiet evening of no work and decided to barbecue and relax on the long wide porch. It was a peaceful early spring evening, not to hot and humid yet, it was just perfect. I could smell the food cooking on the grill and the wine was superb. I listened to the crickets and could hear Apollo snoring lightly in his doggy dreams at my feet. I looked across the field but could not see anything in the dark. I wondered about my neighbors, they hadn’t come by and I hadn’t seen anyone since the day I first viewed the house. It was difficult to tell if anyone even still lived over there. Then I decided…tomorrow, I was going to go over and say hi to my new neighbors.


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    • profile image

      Marie Clifton 5 years ago

      This is a great start, can hardly wait for the next chapter.