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Cheap Baby Cribs Tips

Updated on October 16, 2010

How to Buy Cheap Baby Cribs

If you're searching for a baby crib and don't want to pay a fortune, just get a clear idea on what features you want in the crib and keep your eyes open. One place to start looking is classified ads from your newspaper and craigslist. That is if you are looking for a used baby crib. Look through these classifieds every day until you find the one you want. It won't take long if you know what you want. Cribs go up for sale all the time as children grow and demand beds.

When you find a crib to buy, look at it for any damages. If it has any structural damage then you should go elsewhere, you can always find a cheap baby crib that doesn't have any major issues. Just little abrasions and scratches are what buying a used crib is all about. Pay one-fifth of the new price for a few scratches, I say yes.

But then you can find new baby cribs for cheap too. This is not a bad way to go when you look at the prices at Amazon for instance. You can find a crib for under $100. I will show you some deals from Amazon right below. If you want a new crib, this is a great option.


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