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Use Cheap Flooring For a Fixer-Upper Or a Rental Unit?

Updated on September 1, 2012

You're getting your house prepared to put it up for sale ... or your apartment ready to be rented. The kitchen floor is in really bad shape, so you'll need to do something about that first. Should you search for some cheap flooring to help save money, or should you use something more expensive?

Don't you really hate to have to make decisions like this? You want your house to look really great, but you just hate to spend more than necessary. After all, you're not going to be living there yourself.

So let's take a better look at what's involved. BTW, I know that the word "cheap" has negative vibes. But try to think of it as meaning "inexpensive", not tawdry.

What's the problem?

  • You would like flooring that will last, and is easy to maintain, particularly for a rental unit. You don't want to be installing a new floor every time a tenant moves out.

  • The flooring ought to be low cost, but you don't want it to appear shabby. Can't you find anything that fits this description?

  • If the floors look "dated", nobody will want to live there. Forget those shag carpets from the 70's!

  • You can ask a higher price if the floor makes the place appear classy enough. Isn't there a way you can get cheap flooring that looks just like exotic hardwood?

Carpeting or Wooden Flooring?

Wall-to-wall carpeting is slowly but surely becoming less popular, and wood flooring is replacing it. One reason carpeting was popular is that it is comfortable to sit on. But it certainly isn't as sanitary as a wood floor. And wood floors nowadays can have warm air ducted beneath them, so they aren't chilly to walk on any more.

Real Hardwood or a Look-alike?

It's true that genuine wood really looks a lot classier, but some modern flooring materials can be difficult to detect. Laminate flooring and engineered flooring are now manufactured using an upper layer which is a photographic image of actual wood, covered with a hard transparent acrylic material. So at first glance, you can't tell it from the actual hardwood.

So What's the Answer?

You still don't know whether to put in cheap flooring or expensive flooring? That's not surprising. I'm not going to give you an answer to that question! You are going to have to decide for yourself.

But I Need Help!

Yes, you do. You need to look into the different kinds of flooring to see if any of them can do what you want done at a reasonable price. And you need to find out what's the cheapest flooring of each type. But not to worry - help is on the way - take a walk over to the author's website, Cheap Flooring.

Solid vs Engineered Flooring

graphic by
graphic by

Birch Engineered Flooring

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    • profile image

      krikekim 7 years ago

      Nice flooring. Although it is cheap, but still it has a efficient quality. It is beautiful yet affordable! good job!

    • Philuc profile image

      Philuc 7 years ago from Quito, Ecuador

      I have been involved in the flooring industry for over 20 years (focusing on carpets though) and I have to add that this hub provides really good tips - when you are thinking of selling your house or apartment it has to look attractive, but beware of the costs.

    • PZigney profile image

      PZigney 7 years ago

      Good alternative to spending a lot of money on flooring. Your birch wood flooring doesn't look like cheap flooring. Beautiful yet affordable grabs my interest.

    • Localchatrooms profile image

      Localchatrooms 7 years ago from London

      Great hub. Now i know exactly what flooring type to install in my own house.

    • profile image

      michealtholt 7 years ago from Litchfield Park, AZ

      why we should go for cheap flooring for rental unit has been explained here.This great hub also explains different types of cheap flooring available.

    • profile image

      francesachilders 7 years ago

      Great hub page.Here explained cheap methods are really efficient to reduce the cost.

    • profile image

      kevinzac 7 years ago

      really useful & truly awesome hub.nice way to get your house floored.informative videos as well.thanks for sharing :)

    • profile image

      Backdrop12 7 years ago

      Here is another use for inexpensive flooring - I'm a photographer and frequently need to build sets that won't be around very long - saving some money is always a good thing!