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Cheap Home Organization Solutions

Updated on January 17, 2012
Cheap Home Organization Solutions
Cheap Home Organization Solutions | Source

Cheap home organization solutions can be found in many different forms. You just need to be willing to look for them. Remembering what your goal is and looking for alternatives is the best way to find what you need cheaply.

Finding Free Stuff
If you don’t mind waiting and doing some hunting, you can get free items on online classified advertising sites like Craiglist or by joining groups like Freecycle. You can even sometimes post what you are looking for on sites like this to see if someone has what you need. Someone else’s trash may well be the treasure you are looking for. An old shutter can be painted and hung on the wall to organize your mail, as a message center, or to hold photos. When using cheap home organization solutions like these, you will need to be patient and consider the usefulness of items that you find.

Look for Lower Cost Solutions
Yes, it would be nice to get a professionally installed closet organization system. But do you have to spend that much money to organize your closet? No, you don’t. Instead look at the basics of the closet solution you are looking at and recreate it for cheaper. For example, let’s say that the set of drawers in the professional system is exactly what you need to organize small items in your closet. You can easily get a set of plastic drawers that will do the same thing and will be far less expensive. This type of thinking applies to every area of your home. When you are looking for cheap home organization solutions, you need to think about how you can use something cheaper to accomplish the same thing as the expensive item.

Dual Purpose Items
Furniture or decorations can sometimes double as a home organization item. If you need a way to organize your knitting hobby in the living room so the yarn and needles are out of sight but easily accessible, an ottoman with a storage compartment in it works well. You could also get a beautiful decorative basket to hide your needles and yarn in. Decorative baskets or boxes work well in any room of your home to get and keep you organized. When you use cheap home organization solutions like this, you get a functional item for your home as well as an item to organize your home.


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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 5 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Some great ideas!