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Cheap Ideas for Decorating a Child's Room

Updated on April 11, 2009



Raising kids can be costly. Thankfully decorating their rooms need not be. All it takes is imagination and some creative thinking. Kids should always be included in helping decorate, often surprising you with some unique input. Decorating a kid’s room when you focus on the individual child's personality is fairly easy. Save your money with some of these cheap ideas for decorating children's rooms. Once you get started there is no limit to what you can dream up for kid’s rooms decor.


Decorating kids rooms does not have to be expensive. With imagination your child's room can be colorful and inviting. Allow your child to help as much as possible in decorating. Think about your child's interests and personality. The best way to decorate a child's room is for free! Look around at what you have on hand to use. Use painted cardboard to make frames for your child's artwork and hang on the wall. Use child safe permanent paint and let your children paint their palms .Then have them make a hand print border around the room on the wall. Tack old outfits on the wall with the clothing bent like they are being worn. Use markers to draw in hands, head face and feet. Change the clothing every now and then and your little girl will have a life size "paper doll” on her wall. Do you have a future stargazer? Paint an old basketball like a moon or a planet and hang it up. Embroider or appliqué a child's name on a pillow. Reupholster or paint old chairs in modern colors. Keep things neat with an empty box or an old popcorn tin decorated with trim at the top for a cool trashcan. Hang print design sheets or material at angles from the ceiling to make a tent or canopy type bed area. You could also take drawers out of a small dresser, remove the bottoms, paint and Ta Da you have a free shelf to hang on the wall. The ideas for free decor accessories are endless, and limited only by your creativity and what you have available to transform into new decor.


Sometimes you can make things to decorate kid’s rooms. These would be considered low cost not free because of buying materials to add to what you have. Still, for next to nothing you can create some unique kids room decor. How about adding a map or poster to a lamp frame to make a lampshade? Just remove the fabric attached around the lampshade frame. Then glue a map or a thin poster around the frame. Use an adhesive that the bulb heat won't melt. You can find it at craft stores. Also be sure with this idea that the paper map or poster is not touching the bulb and that the bulb is not the kind that gets very hot. A lower intensity bulb is best. Another idea is to make an unusual wall hanger to hang up clothes or hats. You take several thin wire hangers. You can get these at a dry cleaning service. Unbraid the tops of the hangers and stretch them out. Now wrap them all in colorful fabric until desired thickness. Bend and intertwine the hangers together in a desired design leaving the cloth covered hook parts sticking out. Hang on the wall with the hook part out to use. You can tie the hangers together with ribbons and strips of cloth to help keep the shape.


Themes can be a great way to decorate a kid’s room when they have a favorite particular interest. Retail stores offer whole theme decor designs but you can get the same results much cheaper. One way to tie a theme together is with wall color. Flower themes can start with a dusky rose, pink or a green. Under the sea themes can begin with a blue or green shade. After painting the theme color on the walls add layers of decor to add to the fantasy like look. Cutouts can be used as can stickers, decals and foam shapes. For example a under the sea theme will look great with fish stickers, foam seaweed, etc. All of these can be found cheaply at most dollar stores. Other ways to add to a theme room on a budget include bedding that is printed with designs that compliment the theme. For a flower theme a few scattered flower decals work or you could even glue up scattered plastic flower tops minus the stems. Kid rooms with a race car theme can have a race track painted on the wall. For a zoo theme paint a zoo background and glue some foam animals in them or hang stuffed zoo animals from the ceiling. Ask the kids for ideas too. After all they will love a room they helped create and kids can have some pretty creative ideas too.


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