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Cheap Intex Above Ground Pools

Updated on February 12, 2015

Intex Above Ground Pools

Cheap Intex Above Ground Pools gives you excellent and robust quality above ground swimming pools but at low prices.

Intex are the world leader in the above ground pool market. They have sold more above ground pools than any competitor, Intex is a brand you can trust. They pride themselves on providing excellent quality above ground pools but at low prices.

There is an Intex pool to meet your budget and backyard size. There are four styles you can choose from:

  • Easy Set Pools
  • Round Metal Frame Pools
  • Oval Ultra Frame Pools
  • Rectangular Ultra Frame Pools

Every Intex above ground pool is made with Super-Tough, triple-ply sidewalls which provides strength, resistance to puncture and a proper shape.

One of the main points I love about Intex pools is that they're all real easy to assemble. If your like me and hate opening boxes that has loads of nuts and bolts, screws and brackets and a scrappy bit of paper with instructions on, then don't worry, you don't need anything fancy to put these above ground pools together. All pools come with an instructional DVD to help you along the way. A small but great little touch.

Whatever Intex pool you choose to buy you know the result will be a pool which will provide many great summers of enjoyment!

Easy Set Above Ground Pools

Intex Easy Set pools are very affordable, the cheapest of the Intex above ground pool range. This range costs between $45 - $90.

The Intex easy set pool range are the easiest pools to assemble on the market to date.

When you spread out the liner of the pool on the ground and inflate the top ring, all you have to do then is fill with water and the Intex Easy Set Pool will do the rest. It's that easy.

All of the easy pool range will be ready to handle water in under 30 mins. You will probably find that you'll be able to swim in the pool the same day.

You will require a ladder as getting in and out of easy sets pools can be a little tricky as there is no solid wall like the metal framed above ground pools.

Easy sets pool are great for taking with you to camp sites or similar holiday destinations as they can be put into their supplied bags for easy storage and maneuverability.

Intex Easy Set Pools are available in sizes ranging from 8 ft to 18 ft in diameter and 30 inch to 52 inch in height.

Easy Set pools hold between 639 and 5,894 gallons of water and is big enough for a 5 year old to learn how to swim. They can hold up to 2 adults and 3 children with no problems. Even If you just want to lay back on your own on a long summer night, floating, relaxing, the easy sets are a great buy.

Metal Framed Above Ground Pools

Cheap Intex metal frame pools are a more robust solution than the easy sets pools. For a few dollars more you can get yourself a more semi-permanent pool in your yard.

This range can cost between $199-$200.

Assembling an Intex metal frame above ground pool does take longer than an easy set. Instead of inflating one ring and filling with water, the metal frame above ground pool requires you to clip the metal frame together, hang the pool liner from it and fill with water.

Don't worry the assembly has been made idiot proof with no screws or bolts, just a simple metal frame that clips. Assembly can be done by one person in around half a day.

Unlike the easy set pool, metal frame above ground pools have far stronger sides and you can lift yourself out of it easily, unlike the easy set pools who's air filled ring means there is no stability to pull yourself out. You need a ladder for an easy set pool to make getting out easy. Although a ladder for metal framed pools will make it incredibly easy to get in and out.

Metal framed above ground pools are more suited for pool parties as the water will not splash over the sides as much as an easy set pool would.

Metal framed pools are also a more permanent feature as they have been developed to be suitable in a yard all year round. Overall, the metal framed pools are very durable and are able to withstand harsh winter elements.

They are big enough to support 10 splashing around.

You will need to make sure that it's installed on a flat surface. These are much bigger pool than the easy sets so it's holds a lot more water. Even they have sturdy steel frames, it's possible for the pools to collapse. Highly uneven surfaces will make the pools tilt and become unstable.

Intex larger pools such as the metal framed ones will require chemical maintenance such as chlorine to ensure that the water stays safe and clean.

Ultra Framed Above Ground Pools

The above ground Intex Ultra frame swimming pool is a new frame with a unique shape. The Ultra frame is stronger than the traditional round metal frames.

This range can cost between $310- Over $1,000.

The ultra frames have been designed to be easier to assemble than metal frames and the shape of the ultra frames allows the pieces to fit together securely and smoothly.

There are no separate locking pins required which means you get a cleaner looking above ground pool, the ultra frame pools allow for a better looking pool over the more traditional metal frame above ground swimming pools.

The water filter which comes with these pools uses an economic filter, so they are easy to replace and will not break the bank.

As the Ultra frame allows for a larger sized pool there is plenty of room for 6 adults to move around without invading each others space.

There are rectangular and round ultra framed above ground pools available.


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    • profile image

      lorenalazar 24 months ago

      wow! very wonderful, everyone will have a wonderful experience with the pool in the summer!

    • Paul Fischer profile image

      Paul Fischer 4 years ago

      Mommyhood, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and the vote. Intex above ground pools really are fantastic and great value. Have fun when you purchase one. :)

    • mommyhood profile image

      Karla D 4 years ago

      wow these look great! I will definitely be buying one now that I'm moving into a home with enough space for a pool like this. Thanks for the hub, voted up!