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Cheap Kitchen Doors That Won't Fall Apart in a Week

Updated on February 18, 2013

I recently helped a friend build a kitchen in a very tight space in her apartment, and one of the things we used, not only to take advantage of a small space, but also [because she's on budget, and didn't have a lot of money to spend) to save money, was some IKEA kitchen cabinet doors, which we picked up on eBay for very little money.

EBay is a fantastic resource when it comes to finding inexpensive kitchen cabinet doors, and there are always some available – or at least that has been my experience. Take a look at the photo on the right here, and you can see we managed to squeeze four cabinet's into a tiny bit of space.

These were actually designed to the wall hanging cabinets and doors, but we decided to put them on the floor instead, you really didn't have room to hang them on the wall the way they were designed to be used, because they opened up instead of out. So – we turn them on their sides instead. And you can see from the photo, that the result was very pleasing.

The problem with buying cheap kitchen cabinet doors, is it is very easy to end up with lightweight particle board that is not strong enough to take a decent handle. But – if you search for IKEA doors, you know you're getting a good solid piece of equipment. And you can usually pick up an IKEA door for about $20-$50, depending on the model and condition.

This is also a fantastic way of reinventing an old kitchen that is starting to look a little worn around the edges. A quick and easy, and inexpensive, way of updating the kitchen, is to simply change either the handles, or the doors – or both, of course!

There are some links to like here kitchen cabinet doors to sell on eBay, and this module is set to update when new doors become available, because eBay is constantly rotating the pieces they have for sale. New sellers come and go all the time.

Obviously it is important to match the doors to the rest of the kitchen, but when you combine [as we did] buying IKEA cabinet doors from eBay, with the hanging rails that we bought from Amazon – you can make make a very pleasing kitchen inexpensively.

If you're interested in the way we built the kitchen there are some kitchen storage ideas here, but to make a long story short – we bought IKEA modular hanging systems from Amazon and combined them with the cabinet doors you see in this photo.

Seriously – I would rather slit my throat than go to an IKEA store, and buying from eBay and Amazon will save you the pain of that visit.


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