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Cheap Kitchen Units & Cabinets

Updated on February 25, 2013

There is no need to go broke fitting out a kitchen, because there are dozens, if not thousands, of inexpensive kitchen cabinets and units available. I recently helped a friend fit a kitchen in a small apartment, and we were on a very tight budget. In the process of finding the cabinets for her kitchen [we ended up buying some inexpensive IKEA cabinets] I came across dozens of other options.

These are some of the options that nearly made the cut, and I see no reason why most of these would not go well in almost any modern kitchen. Some of them are even "distressed," in order to make them look older and fit with the "farmhouse," kitchen style. In our case, that was not appropriate – we were looking for something a little more modern, but we will cover those also.

Most of these – and don't take this as any sort of criticism – products are made from chipboard, or fake wood, but there's nothing really wrong with that – especially if you're trying to save some money. Now these kitchen units might be cheap, but there's nothing wrong but the quality of any of them. Treated well, they should give you years of use

Prepac Elite Collection 32" Topper & Wall Cabinet with 2 doors

I'm going to start with this one first, because I think these are fantastic value for money. Plus – they are deeper than the typical kitchen cabinets and that they are 16 inches deep, which gives you considerably more storage space than the standard 12 inch depth.

Although they are chipboard [or pressed wood if you prefer] the laminate is very deep, and they feel almost like a genuine wood. I would not go as far as to say you can't tell the difference, because you can, but for a pressed wood product I was very impressed. They are solid, the fixings and hinges are well put together, and this is the type of inexpensive cabinet that will last for a long, long time,

I have installed these in multiple kitchens myself, and I can testify to the solidity of the bills and the quality of the hinges. I must mention there – it is usually the hinges that let down some of the less expensive cabinets, but not in this case. Definitely worth the money – and Amazon usually have them on sale for well under the recommended list price of $150.

Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Collection Shelved Wall Cabinet, White

This is another good value product, perhaps not quite as solid as the preceding model, but inexpensive and well made for all that. You can usually pick these up for less than 60 bucks from Amazon, and at that price, they are well worth the money.

They are solid, although they are once again made from fake wood, and like the preceding product, I would not hold that against them. This is a bit "fancy," when compared to the previous model, but the great thing about this is the fact that the manufacturers [Elegant Home Fashions] offer numerous varieties that will match together, if you happen to be filling up a decent sized kitchen.

This particular one is 7 x 20 x 24, and although there are some pieces that need to be attached, it all goes together nicely and easily. The only thing I will say is a criticism, is the fact that the top of the unit overlaps, which means they are almost impossible to butt up against each other. Apart from that, they're great.

Ameriwood White Wall Storage Pantry Cabinet

I'm including this one, because although it is perhaps quite slightly less sturdy than the previous two products, it is actually manufactured in the United States, which is rather unusual in today's world, and, although I'm a big fan of buying the best product for the best price, I thought I would include it because I know some people prefer to buy American manufactured products.

This is a nice simple cabinet – nothing fancy about it, and it fits together easy enough with a couple of screwdrivers. Although, I do suggest that if you buy this one, you might need to buy some more solid wall brackets, because the ones that come with it are a little weak as far as I am concerned.

But, overall it looks good, it goes together easily, it is fairly solid, the nickel handles are very nice [but only for small fingers] and once assisted to the wall, it does what it's supposed to, which is all you can really ask for a cabinet that usually sells for around $100. How they managed to make them in the US, and supply them and ship them for that price is beyond me

Suncast C2800G Utility 2 Door Wall Cabinet

This is another one the line included because it's a little different. This is actually a plastic wall cabinet the clips together, and has a lockable door. These are really quite solidly built once again and the good thing about plastic is it's very easy to wipe down, so not only are these great for the kitchen, they are also good in other environments such as workshop where there are likely to be oil spills and other chemical spills, which you can just wipe up easily.

The company that makes them, also makes a wide range of other cabinets, either freestanding or wall cabinets, but they're either stackable or fixable. I really like this product, as you might guess from my remarks, it is solidly built, and when combined with some of the other units in the range can make a very flexible storage area.

I don't particularly care whether it's made from plastic or wood, my concern is usually whether or not it will last very long [ this product will] and have functional a product it is – this is a particularly well made and useful cabinet, so if you're looking for a cheap kitchen unit that's a little out of the ordinary – you could do worse than try these at less than $50

10x10 Randolph Oak Kitchen

Okay, I thought I'd go to town on this one, because this thing is insanely priced. An entire kitchen cabinets system, with solid wood oak doors for less than $1200? Really – if you are considering building an entire kitchen, this is probably about a third of the price that you would pay from the local kitchen cabinet supplier.

Admittedly, you have to assemble everything yourself, then the items shown in the photograph are not all included – just the cabinetry is included, I think this is a fantastic value for the money. The last time I checked on Amazon, these were also being delivered for free to the lower 48 states so that means you can have an entire kitchen cabinet system with solid wood doors, delivered for under $1200.

You would be insane to try and buy this from a local kitchen cabinet maker. With things the way they are in the construction industry at the moment, there is also no shortage of labor available to help you fix it together. You know it makes sense!


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