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Cheap Makita Tools

Updated on August 9, 2014

Cheap Makita Tools

Looking for cheap Makita tools to buy? So are many other folks.

Yes, you can buy genuine Makita tools at a deep discount and often with free shipping. So why pay full price?

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Buying cheap Makita tools just means that you saved money. It is not compulsory to pay the recommended retail price. There is a lot more competition these days, especially since you can buy cheap tools online and still get genuine products with full warranty. Paying a cheaper price does not always mean you are getting a cheaper product!

Although the cordless tool market is very competitive, it really only has a few top manufacturers such as; DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee. Some contractors favor the DeWalt cordless drills as they feel they are more heavy duty. However they also weigh more. In the line up of Makita tools, the impact driver and drill/hammer drill is much lighter and seems to be the better unit.

Working or living in colder areas tends to affect the life of the batteries used with some of the cordless tools such as cordless drills. The Makita battery life appears superior to the Milwaukee battery in colder conditions. But of course not every user is working with a power tool in these conditions. So this would be an individual choice.

Makita uses Lithium Ion technology in its batteries which means a lighter weight battery. Since the battery makes up more than 50% of the total tool weight this is a significant over all weight saving. The batteries can get hot when used continuously for a long period, especially with heavy duty work. There is an electronic sensor that will shut the battery down to prevent damage. Once the battery has cooled down, work can resume or just swap with another battery. If the battery is overheated it will not charge until it has cooled.

If you are in the market for more than one cordless tool, then perhaps one of the combo kits can offer better value for money than just a single tool on sale. You can still buy a combo kit of
tools online and save money. There is a reasonable choice of different tool combination's in these kits and Makita offers a larger variety of tools in their combo kits than others do at this time.

Another advantage of buying a combo kit is that you get a sturdy carry bag that keeps all your cordless tools in the one place. Most of the carry bags are also large enough to take drill bits, spare saw blade, or other accessory, as well as the tools. Have a look here for a tools sale

Cheap Makita Tools

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