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Cheap Wireless Intruder Alarms, DIY Wireless Burgular Alarms & Home Security Systems

Updated on October 23, 2012

Want to know how to protect your home? Ask a thief !! We did.

Cheap wireless intruder or burglar alarms are an effective deterrent, but not perfect. Says John, a former professional home and business burglar. ( He makes no money from giving his advice )

There is no burglar alarm on the planet that will stop a determined intruder from entering a building.

That is why on all sales paraphernalia it states that the alarms are only a 'deterrent'.

Wireless home security systems are a visible deterrent. They will not stop a thief, they can only prevent you from being burgled. The thief will simply choose an easier target.

Which cheap wireless intruder alarm is best suited for your own purposes? Which wireless home security system or wireless burglar alarm will help prevent the dregs from our society from entering our homes and threatening your family?

Click on the smaller images to view full selection available.

Intruders enter our homes and threaten, beat, stab, shoot, and even rape the occupants with little regard. This leads to many years of anguish, pain, and possible expensive and extensive therapy.

Some burglars boil water in a pan once they have entered as home, if they are disturbed by the owner, they throw the boiling water into the face and scald their victims for life. Other intruders have other ideas and head for the bedrooms where they know our daughters and wives are sleeping. It is a sick world.

Every day more innocent people become victims of burglaries which could have been avoided with an easy to fit low cost wireless home security system. For years I have liaised with a former professional burglar who has served his time and now assists security companies in their fight against crime.

A simple, cheap, easy to install wireless home security system will help prevent your home from being burgled, ladies of the home from being sexually assaulted, the occupants from waking up with a knife at their throat, and all your possessions being stolen.

What price can you put on your families lives?

Easy Fit Motion Detectors

This very simple to fit and operate, Twin Pack of Motion Detectors, is the most simple form of intruder alarm. Simply insert batteries, fit to the wall, point in the right direction, and that is it. The motion detectors are usually pointed towards a door or a window, if someone enters, a shrieking alarm will sound.

This motion detector emits two types of noises, one is a chime, and the other is an alarm noise. Always set to the alarm noise, it will alert the family instantly and help deter the thief. If you set it to chime, the thief may think it is simply a radio left on.

Window Vibration Detection

This low cost home security system is a simple yet effective device which attaches to windows. If somebody attempts to break or force the window or frame, the alarm will sound. Many people have attached these to the back of their computers and flat screen television sets as additional alarms.

The good points of this are if attached to a window, they are visual deterrents and are easy to fit and very cheap. The downside are they can initially be obtrusive as they are on the window until you get used to them being there.

Free Link for Total Window Security Options

The Macally Wireless Security Alarm

This easy to install Cheap Wireless Home Security System is perfect for home use. Quick installation can give the occupants of a home virtually instant security. This little beauty can support 60 motion detectors, so you could actually alarm the whole road.

Able to also support up to five phone numbers for alarm calling if the occupants are away from the home and the device is activated.

Free Link For Natural Security Measures Which Also Enhance The Property

GSI Intruder Alarm

This slightly more up market model is more difficult to beat by any chance burglar. Designed to cover the whole house with an array of anti-intruder devices including motion detector, panic button, and a magnetic window alarm.

Just by installing a sign outside a home indicating that an alarm has been fitted, will reduce the chances of being burgled. A great, yet expensive burglar alarm system. Extra devices can be purchased separately, but at a price.

Please click on the smaller image to view the full range of alarms available and some exciting bargains

LTS Camera Alarm System

This security system allows the home owner to view the inside and outside of his or her property from anywhere in the world. The real time recording picture with exceptional viewing quality will allow total confidence.

Eight cameras which can attach to a computer for recording, can be viewed separately over the internet. You could be on holiday and watch the police catch a potential intruder. This modern system is an excellent visual deterrent.


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