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The Blinds and Window Guide

Updated on February 11, 2011


Windows let us see out into the world beyond our home, giving us the feeling we are not so boxed in to the boundaries of our houses. However, having these portals to the outside has drawbacks, some of them are the positives of having a window, just being at a bad time. Such as letting light in when we want it to be dark, or having heat escape when we are cold. Even the great ability to see out into the world, has a drawback. The world can see back. An answer would be cheap wood blinds.

Window Blinds
Window Blinds

Finding The Right Blinds

Blinds and curtains help with these problems, each type and style has pro's and con's. Finding the best type for your home or room can be an annoying task. Finding the right size, style as well as what you need and want from your blinds. Staying in budget can be also be a hard task. Some blinds that are made of materials such as wood will cost a lot more due to quality and the expense of the material used.

Blinds come in many different types, the three main kinds of blinds These would be shades, horizontal, and vertical blinds. From these three basic types, hundreds of styles of blinds can be found.

Horizontal Blinds
Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds, have slates that run left to right. The slates can be compressed by raising them up the window, letting light in. Or lowing them and rotating the slates to overlap and keep out light. This can also the adjusted to let as much light as you want.

This style of blinds are most common in homes due to the size of most windows are not large enough to make vertical blinds practical. When you think of this style the image of mini blinds may come to mind.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds, unlike horizontal blinds, have slates that run up to down, hanging separately on a rail. They can be pulled to cover the window, and just like horizontal blinds, the slates can be rotated to let as much, or as little light as wanted.

I see these most often in hotels, especially on the beach, these lead out to the balcony. The door is a slider made of glass, so the blinds must reach the bottom. Vertical blinds can be made to a length that will never touch the ground, and can slide over the entire door.

Window Shades
Window Shades

Window Shades

Window shades, use a solid fabric material, that collapses on itself when it compressed. Window shades can be made to be vertical or horizontal shades. All shades use the same method to let in or let out light. Being raised or lowered, or in the case of vertical shades, pulled left or right. Roller shades made of a single fabric and honeycomb shades are two popular shades.

The image on the right shows different kinds of shades, including "honey combs" on the far right. Roller shades are not present.

Conclusion on Blinds

Now you have an idea on some of the different types of blinds. But you have just scratched the surface on window blinds. To pick the best blinds you must learn about what blinds handle light and sound and heat the best. What you require of the quality's as well as what safety requirements you need. Do you have small children? Pets? You must judge as to what kind of blinds are safe for them.

On top of everything you must also pick what looks good and what look you are wanting and still keeping in your budget. Try the video below as well as some of the links I list below.  Thats all for now!

Blinds on Youtube


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    • Maria Harris profile image

      Maria Harris 7 years ago from Houston

      Blinds are one of the simplest and most effective window coverings. Thanks for all of the information.