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Cheap and Easy Home Decorations- Recycled Finds!

Updated on February 14, 2013

Just a few quick steps!

Funky Wall Art!
Funky Wall Art!
What I started with
What I started with
After a quick coat of paint...These will become cute tie-backs for my curtains!
After a quick coat of paint...These will become cute tie-backs for my curtains!

A junk story....

I am always sharing about my "trash to treasure" successes. As many who have read my blogs before may know, my husband isn't always a fan of my hoarding. Sometimes, it pays off. I would like to think that this is certainly one of those instances.

It is hard to convey in print how much my husband and I bicker about trashing items. I usually come up with a use for the item, then either win the battle or sneak the item back into the garage....and I would say more than half of the time I never end up getting to my project. Don't think that he doesn't point this out! You can imagine, however, his lack of humor when I asked to keep old ceiling fan blades. The old fan was removed when we moved into out home and just now...3 years later, I have gone back to the project!

I now have an extremely funky wall design that cost me less than $3.00 in total and was tons of fun. This was one that my children could really help with! I can imaging that buying this pre-packaged at a big-box store would have cost over $50. I would have spent money and lost out on precious quality time with my kids!

Here is what I did to create my Funky Focal Piece:

These blades were already white so it required zero painting! :)

I removed the brass hardware which took all of 5 minutes

Found a funky clock at the Goodwill Store for $1.99

Positioned the blades around the clock and secured with screws


This project was so easy and well worth the save. It is certainly a project that I WILL do again in my basement. Next time, I will find more blades as I think it wold have been really cool with 10 blades and a mirror in the center.

AS for the Hardware.....These will get a quick coat of spray paint and will make curtain Tie-backs!

This was an easy craft (if you want to call it that) and an even easier way to re-purpose something that is thrown away everyday. In spring and dumpster diving buddies can find these in any trash pile outside of a home that is being fixed-up or gutted.

I hope you enjoyed this 15 minute idea and please share any ideas or special projects that you have created!

Happy recycled crafting!


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