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Checkered Bedding

Updated on March 10, 2011

Decorating with Checkered Bedding is Easy

Make decorating your bedroom as easy as 1-2-3 with checkered bedding. Besides being classic and simple, this type of bedding allows for complete decorating freedom.

Depending on the checkered bedding pattern that you choose, there is often a multitude of choices for accent colors in the room, as well as possible paint colors.

Even if there are only two colors in the checkered bedding like with black and white checkered bedding, you will still be able to decorate with a wide range of self-expression. All you have to do is consider the less traditional methods of decorating with color.

Checkered bedding is perceived as only being very traditional, yet there are many more modern patterns of checkered bedding if that's what you're aiming for. Most important is to be creative. When looking for checkered bedding, be creative in your search. Sometimes the best checkered bedding comes with headings such as digital.

Checkered bedding comes in everything from the most simplistic checkerboard style quilt to the most elegantly checkered and shaded checkered comforters or checkered duvet covers. There is even checkered crib bedding. It's perfect for any age, including even the pickiest teens.

For a nice selection of checkered bedding, try looking online. You can check online auction sites like eBay or online super stores like Amazon. Visit or eBay right now to see what's available in their checkered bedding inventory.

How to Decorate with Checkered Bedding

Whether you're in for an entire bedroom renovation or just need a change in comforter, checkered bedding is always a great choice. Decorating can be as simple as choosing one of the colors in the actual checkered bedding set but perhaps in a lighter or darker shade, or it can be as simple as choosing another less conspicuous color to highlight your room. It's up to you to do decide what will make your bedroom your very own escape.

  • Checkered bedding comes in a wide variety of checkered patterns. Sticking with the style comforter, quilt, or duvet cover you want to maintain in your bedroom will help you eliminate some checkered bedding sets you find. There's everything from very modern and fun greens and yellows to very subdued and calm monotoned beige checkered patterns. It's all about how obvious you want the checkers to be.
  • There are many styles of actual checkered patterns. They range from the classic black and white checkered patterns to crazy and asymmetrical checkered patterns. This is also important to keep in mind when decorating. 
  • Keep the bedroom you are decorating in mind. If it's a child's room, go for something brighter and more fun. Check out some of the checkered bedding for children below. If it's your guest bedroom, go for something that will make your guest feel at home and restful or engaged in the design.
  • Know what colors you want to work with. If you live in a climate that has seasonal changes, try matching warmer or cooler colors depending on the summer or winter. If you intend to use your checkered bedding year-round, go with neutral shades of any color, or go with your favorite color.
  • Try decorating with less obvious colors than you would normally choose. This means using shades of orange with blue checkered bedding or shades of yellow with your mostly purple checkered bedding. Look online for color structures that designers and artists use like triadic, monochromatic, analogous, complementary, and split complementary. Sometimes this can be just what your room needs to make it look professionally decorated.
  • Have fun when decorating with checkered bedding. For example, mix stripes with the checkered pattern or polka dots or florals. Checkered bedding is simple enough that mixing patterns will only enhance your room. Look for cute check patterns for your child's room.

Checkered Bedding

Checkered bedding
Checkered bedding


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