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Choose a Chenille Bedskirt for Your Bedroom

Updated on March 21, 2011

Add Romance to Your Bedroom

A chenille bedskirt can be a beautiful and luxurious addition to your current bedding. If you're looking for entirely new bedding and want a new bedding set, then why not try a chenille bedding set complete with a chenille comforter, chenille bedskirt, and chenille pillowcases. While not all chenille bedding is made completely of chenille, there are many beautiful designs available with silk, silk alternatives and chenille woven together to create a wonderfully sensual bedding.

So at this point, you may be wondering what chenille is exactly and what gives it its luxurious texture. Chenille appears as a caterpillar-like yarn that is exceptionally soft and thick with a somewhat fuzzy appearance. Chenille is just a type of yarn woven with short fibers around the core of the yarn, giving it its appearance. These shorter yarn fibers sticking up are what provide the beautiful and sensually soft reflective qualities of chenille.

Where To Find Chenille Bedding

Chenille bedskirts and bedding can easily be found in your favorite bedding retail stores or any home store. Sometimes you may not be able to find chenille bedding in stores, so another great place to try looking is online. Online, you can often find beautifully made chenille bed sets for a lot less than you would pay just for the chenille bedskirt in stores.

A chenille bedskirt will appear slightly iridescent, so matching it to your current bedding will be easy. Just choose a shade in your current bedding and go find a chenille bedskirt to match. You don't have to pick the most obvious shades in your current bedding, you can always choose a deeper shade that is less obvious. It is often when you bring out a less obvious color that your room will develop a depth of color and style. It will make your bedroom seem more sensual and romantic.

For a wide selection of chenille bedskirts at low prices you could always try the wold's largest auction site eBay.

chenille bedskirt
chenille bedskirt


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