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Helpful Facts about Cherry Wood Lumber

Updated on November 2, 2015

Using Cherry Wood Lumber

When it comes to choosing a material or wood for cabinets, the cherry wood lumber is at the top of the list for the favorites as it offers you beauty as well as versatility. The cherry wood lumber has its own warmth and personality that offers to its users as it cuts, stains and will sand beautifully compared to other types of wood. There are a number of different choices of cherry for you to choose from however there is one that stands out more than the rest.

American black cherry wood lumber is used mainly for paneling and can be bought as a veneer, caskets and other speciality items that you may be interested in such as tobacco pipes and guns. Some musical instruments are made from black cherry wood as well as some outdoor play equipment and outdoor projects such as decks and porches. The cherry wood lumber is considered to be a domestic wood choice.

Information on the Cherry Wood Lumber

What you might not know about the black cherry wood lumber tree is that it is going to be characterized as a tree that has mature fruit and is a tree which has a dark bark as compared to other cherry trees. The other thing about the dark or black cherry tree is that it has a bark that peels off the tree with irregular scales that turn from light to dark red or brown. The fruit that comes off from the black cherry tree is small with a purple color and is quite bitter in taste which is used to make jelly or beverages. At one point or another, the fruit was used to create a very powerful liquor.

Cherry wood lumber is going to have a pale yellow color of sapwood and a darker heartwood as the woods color deepens to turn into a reddish brown that resembles mahogany when it is exposed to the outside. The one thing that you may not know is that the sapwood will never turn to the color as the heartwood no matter what you do to the cherry wood lumber. The cherry wood lumber will often times show a wavy pattern when it is finished being processed and will have dark spots or black lines that will come out when processed which are actually considered to be gum pockets. Either of these conditions is a challenge for those individuals using the lumber. If the cherry wood lumber is hurried through the drying process, warping can then become a problem.

What to look for

Before you purchase cherry lumber, you will want to make sure that the pieces of wood that you are buying are not warped as well as are limited to the amount of knots in the wood. If you purchase a piece of warped wood, it is possible with the right equipment to bend the piece of wood back in shape with the right tools and equipment however this is very difficult to do and will take plenty of time to do as for the knots, if you need to place a screw or nail in the location that there is a knot, you run the risk of having your wood split. When screwing the screw in, it becomes more difficult to avoid your wood splitting however using a nail it might not be such a problem. Always check your wood before you purchase or else you will find out the hard way just how easy it is to end up with some bad wood.


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