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Chest Of Drawers

Updated on July 15, 2009

An aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture a chest of drawers offers a versatile and functional addition to a bedroom, living room, or bathroom. A bedroom chest of this design is available in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes, such as oak, dark espresso, natural, or cherry to those black or white painted drawers. A high-quality piece of furniture to be placed in a small, medium, or large room to store all those everyday items.

Chest of drawers can range from a striking solid oak 3 shelf chest of drawers to a slim bow-fronted 6 shelf chest of drawers and a whole lot more in between.

White Chest of Drawers

A white range of drawers can offer a classic style of furniture, which offers charm and character. Ideal for creating a simple clean decor design with a set of drawers styled with intricate cut wood details. Also a series of children's furniture can be found in crisp white to safely store all children's clothes in one convenient location.

Black Chest of Drawers

A practical piece of furniture with a simple design to fit any bedroom or decor. All dressers drawers offer a one-stop storage place for all items of clothing, jewelry, or toys and games in juniors room - resulting in a clutter-free room. Meaning no loose toys on the floor to stub those toes on. In view of its size, these items of furnishings offer sufficient space on top to store a mirror, a TV set, to a complete arrangement of ornaments.

If aiming on using a chest of drawers on a daily occasion its a wise move to acquire a furniture set that offers a sturdy build. It won't be much point to acquire the cheapest item on show if the front of the cabinets is just going to pull away after a couple of good tugs on the handle.

Wicker Chest of Drawers

A wicker designed chest of drawers is built with strength in mind, with a strudy steel frame to hold the drawers in place, which are lightweight, but still able to hold heavier items if need be. A truly functional piece of furniture able to store towels, clothes, linens, cosmetics, and even juniors toys.

Chest of Drawers Plans

For the amateur woodworker in mind finding a detailed and illustrated set of plans on how to build a chest of drawers shouldn't be too difficult - there are numerous plans to be found online. And this is one do-it-yourself projects where the building process is often quite straight-forward and will be well worth the efforts in the long run. If time is to hand it’s often feasible to construct a set of dresser drawers in a single weekend with some dedicated work. Although finishing off with stain, varnishing, or paint will extend the project.

Everyone needs storage space, a chest of drawers offers a perfect addition to a home furnishings which is often able to complete all decor styles in view of the large amount of options open to the shopper.


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