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Multi-Brand Strategy in the Garage Door Industry

Updated on March 2, 2015

Not Affiliated Disclaimer

I want to make sure everyone knows, I am not affiliated with The Chamberlain Group or the Duchossis Group, and also Clopay Garage Doors. I am a curious distributor doing some digging into the garage door industry because my boyfriend owns a garage door business. His corporation is a factory authorized distributor of Clopay, DoorLink, Mid-America, LiftMaster, and Linear products. So as I am learning more about the garage door business, my curiosity is spiked and I want to know why a company would multi brand the same products!

Garage Door Opener Multi Brand


What is Multi-Branding?

Definition from

Marketing of two or more similar and competing products by the same firm under different and unrelated brands.

These brands eat into each others' sales but there are some advantages:

1. Obtaining greater shelf space and leaving little room for competitors' products.

2. Saturating a market by filling all price and quality gaps.

3. Catering to brand switchers, user who like to experiment with different brands.

4. Keeping the firms' manager on their toes by generating internal competition.

Garage Door Opener Multi Branding

The Chamberlain Group is an American manufacturer of garage door openers, it is a subsidiary of The Duchossis Group. The Duchossis Group is an investment company as well as an operating company which operates The Chamberlain Group. In 1986, The Chamberlain Group Inc. was created as the consumer products division of Duchossis Industries. The Chamberlain Group Inc. manufactures garage door openers for the residential and commercial installation as well as the parts and components of the openers. The Chamberlain Group also manufactures the Universal Clicker that is compatible with most garage door openers.

Chamberlain garage door openers are made for the average do-it-yourself consumer. A consumer can go to any major retailer to purchase the opener to install themselves. The opener comes in easy to assembly pieces with instructions on how to install the garage door opener. The opener is made exactly the same as the commercial brand opener and will last the same amount of time. The Chamberlain Group wanted to make sure they were in every market by producing a do-it-yourself version of their commercial openers. Not many consumers realize the brands they are buying could be made by the same company.

The LiftMaster garage door opener is the commercial garage door opener made by Chamberlain, a consumer has to contact a commercial garage door opener distributor to get this opener installed. The consumer will not find these garage door openers in any major retail store since they are sold by professional distributors. The internal parts of this opener and the Chamberlain opener are exactly the same, so you are getting the same quality from both openers.

The Chamberlain Group also manufactures these other brands:

1. Craftsman

2. True Value

3. Access

Garage Door Dealers also Multi Brand


Garage Door Dealer Multi Branding

Multi Branding is also practiced in the garage door making industry. We distribute the Clopay brand of garage doors, but did you know that they also manufacture Ideal and Holmes garage doors? This is an example of the garage door dealer acquiring different garage door manufacturing facilities and keeping the brand names. Is the quality and craftsmanship the same? Of course it is, you are getting the same door brand. Did you possibly have a bad experience with a brand and want to switch brands? Maybe you did, but did you actually switch brands? Or did you buy a multi brand from the same corporation?

Clopay garage doors is a corporation that manufactures garage doors out of their Troy, Ohio center. They have many distribution centers all of the United States, and sell their products to many garage door distributors. At one point in time Clopay has manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and Arizona from the acquisitions of other garage door manufactures such as Holmes, Ideal, Arizona Door Systems and Atlas Roll-Lite. Clopay moved all of their manufacturing to one location in Troy, Ohio and is known as the largest door maker in North America.

As for multi branding, they never got rid of the names of the brands they acquired most likely because those names are recognized in different areas of the country. I am sure if you go to Arizona you will find the Holmes brand of garage door on many homes out there that is still being made and distributed by Clopay.

Reminders of another Hubbers' aspect

About a month ago, I was reading on the Hub Pages and ran across another hub by TheHoleStory, If it looks like a duck.........

As I was writing this hub, it reminded me of the other Hubber's aspect about branding. TheHole Story wrote about branding between two chains of restaurants. My hub covers two corporations that have multiple brands within the same organization to take up more market share and shelf space. There are many corporations that practice multi branding in a market, you just have to dig a little deeper to find out who is doing it. I didn't know that multi branding existed until I started really digging into the who's of corporations to find out that multi branding happens all around me!


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