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Latest Designs in Children's Bedroom Furniture

Updated on August 13, 2013

Until the 1980s, there were not many options available for children's bedroom furniture styles. Children would typically sleep in a single bed, with a bed frame made from metal. Possibly they would have a wooden wardrobe made from a dark colored wood that was quite ugly, and if there was room, a small dresser.

Nowadays there are many options for both young children's and teenager's bedrooms. You can choose from cabin beds, which usually follow a theme such as a princess castle or a pirate ship; or classy bunk beds with sleek aluminum frames, or high sleepers that incorporate storage space and even a computer table underneath the mattress.


It is not necessary to cram bulky furniture items into a children's room, because the latest modern designs are created to maximize the space available and therefore give your children more room for their play or homework area.

Mid and high-sleeper beds are perfect examples of bedroom furniture for children that make use of all available space. For example, you can buy mid sleepers with a short wardrobe, several drawers and shelves built into the design underneath the bed. These come in many combinations, and the one you choose will depend on the age of your child, and how much storage space he needs.

You can purchase a mid sleeper that has a short wardrobe and storage space if you have additional room in the bedroom for a computer table. If there is no space for a table, you might be better off buying a high sleeper; many of these have a computer desk and a full height wardrobe incorporated into the design. Another idea to consider is to buy mid-sleeper along with a folding chair that converts into a guest bed which you can place alongside a desk. This allows for your child to have facilities to have a friend staying overnight without taking up too much room.

Bright and Colorful Children's Bedroom Furniture

One of the nicest things about children's furniture if the wide array of bright colors. Many beds are made to look like the places of children's fantasies such as spaceships, a fairy glen or a wooden cabin. These beds are covered with a canvas so that children can play underneath. They are also a great way of disguising untidy toys left lying around. In many cases you will also find you can buy curtains and bedding to stay with the theme.

Bunk Beds for Kids

Children have always loved the idea of climbing up a ladder to go to bed, and bunk beds are just as popular today as they were when they were introduced in the 60s. However bunk beds today can be purchased in different sizes; you could buy a bed that has a single mattress on top and a twin on the bottom. These are useful if one child is somewhat older than the other as the larger child can sleep on the twin mattress. A twin mattress is also useful for those children who might like to use a computer while in bed to watch a movie or listen to music, as it gives them more room.

Types of Mattresses

When choosing kid's beds you will also find that you have a choice of mattress types. Just like with adults there are certain types of mattresses that might help your child to rest more peacefully. Latex mattresses are an excellent choice for children who suffer from allergies. As when choosing a mattress for yourself, make sure that your child's mattress does not sag in the middle, and that it has full support near the edge. Sleeping on a bad mattress as a child can lead to problems in later life such as a bad back.


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