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Children's Room Decoration With Animal Pictures: Bear

Updated on January 9, 2015

Bears Are Everywhere

Bears are omnivorous, smart, clumsy and temperamental animals that have always inspired my imagination. I read quite a few bear stories, some about hunting (tragic stories), others about Native Americans (noble and tragic), and some about their customs. Because bears eat nearly everything, they are very adaptive and live almost everywhere on earth. True, some became so altered by the climate that they hardly look like your (mine) regular European specimen, but that doesn't matter. Aesthetic diversity only speaks in favor of these hunters. Panda is probably one of the most recognizable and loved kind of bear on our planet.

Beware of the Bear

I think that if I weren't a tiger, I would have been a bear. These are solitary animals that prosper in forests, which they learned to harvest for a multitude of nutritious foods, including roots, nuts, berries, small prey, big prey, ants, other insects, and more. Bears living near rivers learned how to fish. Bears living on the north - polar bears - changed the color of their coats, and learned how to hunt seals. I think that when talking to kids about bears, it's important to describe their ferocity and mercilessness as well as their clumsy and cute demeanor. Bears are known to kill humans when feeling intimidated.

Climate Change

Thanks to Al Gore's educational efforts, many of us now associate polar bears with climate change. Let's bypass the scientific and political controversies and just say that it's good to visit the zoo sometime, because you never know when you will be able to see a live one. That said, the National Geographic made some outstanding, truly fascinating recordings of those (and other) animals. It's really worth a look, and I think the kids will appreciate it too. The videos balance just the right amounts of drama, information and fun - and will educate the children on the pictures that hang in their rooms.


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