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Children's Room Decoration With Animal Pictures: Cow

Updated on January 9, 2015

I Love Milk

Cows are good to decorate with for both practical and aesthetic reasons. They are visually interesting, considering the coloration and the udder bulge, and when asked about can be the source of various stories: on milk and its production, on domestication of animals, on the relationship between humans and cows, and so on. I think that details about farms and farming can be by far the most interesting. For urban kids, this is a real alternative, something they've never experienced, and most probably never will. It's important to know that before the advent of machine age, milking was done manually.

Ancient Bond

Some tribes in Africa, for instance still rely on cattle for livelihood. They rarely slaughter their cows - only the richest owners can allow it - but there is rarely a need to, because the nectar those marvelous animals produce satisfies all the nutritional needs of humans. Milk is food, not a "drink;" the amount of solids makes it officially a "food" in liquid consistency. These African guys invented a very unusual "milkshake..." I saw this on TV: they take a cow and talk softly on it's ear, to calm it down and prepare it for a mild shock...


Then, they puncture its main artery with a miniature spear (or a sharp stone), and put a container where the hole appears in order to collect the blood - which jets out of the artery! They let it flow for just a few seconds, and then paste some kind of natural adhesive on the wound, to seal it completely. While one man performs the operation, another one holds the cow gently by the neck and whispers something on its ear. The animal doesn't moo even once! Finally, they take half a portion of milk, half a portion of blood, and mix it all up. They call this cocktail "the drink of kings." Oh yes, and they drink it too.


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