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Children's Room Decoration With Giraffe Art

Updated on January 10, 2015


Giraffes are "complicated" animals: they are massive and intimidating below the neck but elegant and delicate above. This duality makes them perfect children's pets. On the one hand children feel safe and protected near a giraffe because of its size, weight and power (according to zoologists, the animal's kick can kill a lion). On the other hand, kids want to protect it because their heads are so small and vulnerable. Befriending a giraffe, either a painted or a plushy one, is a rich and rewarding emotional experience that teaches the kids a thing or two about love.

Orange and Black

Giraffes, unlike elephants, are blessed with an interesting coloring. Also herbivores, they stand on hooves, which make it more difficult to balance their bodies, rendering the long slender legs susceptible to predator attacks.

Orange and Black

Thus, the coloring adds a protective feature that confuses the imperfect vision of such carnivores as lions and gives giraffes another advantage. More importantly for children, the coloring makes the animals appear cute and visually appealing. No pattern ever repeats itself, and each animal wears a unique "body painting" with one of the "brightest" and "happiest" color of them all, orange.

And Now...

I would like to share my impressions from a tv program about giraffes. There was this zoo that accommodated several giraffes. They lived in a hangar and were free to take strolls; they seemed happy with their conditions and treatment. At some point, mama giraffe's belly started growing, and it grew and grew until she could walk no more. One day, the caretakers opened the hangar, and there was little baby giraffe struggling to stand on its feet. It was very cute. But when the people went away, and all the giraffes walked out for their stroll, the little baby giraffe stayed inside. It turned out that it was afraid of sunlight! Eventually mama giraffe ushered the baby outside and showed it some good time.


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